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Maca helps women fight anxiety and depression

Maca helps with Anxiety


The incredible Peruvian root vegetable, maca, is a real panacea for women of all ages. Its has the ability to balance hormones and regulate mood, and it has been proven to be effective in fighting anxiety and depression.


According to WHO (World Health Organisation) estimates, women suffer from anxiety and depression much more than men. The reasons are not yet clear, but it is evident how a society shaped by the male gender and can contribute to increasing the risk of such conditions! Besides this, there are some biological reasons too, like a more delicate hormonal balance.


The human body is a perfect and wonderful machine, but the ability of women to give life, makes it even more so. As in men, hormones play a central role in the regulation of vital bodily functions. However, in women the question is somewhat more complex.


Women go through much more defined life cycles, marked by menstruation, possible pregnancies and menopause. Hormonal balance is subject to cyclical variations, but it is also prone to many internal and external factors that can put it at risk.


Hormonal imbalance can have many causes, such as stress, pollution, medication, and inadequate nutrition, and these imbalances can lead to anxiety and depression. These problems that affect can afflict women during or after puberty, but they are frequent even after menopause.


Maca, the Peruvian root used for centuries by women to regulate hormones and sexual function, as well as libido and fertility, has proved to be effective in the treatment of anxiety and depression after menopause. The reason for these benefits seems to be attributable to flavonoids. But other hypotheses have also been proposed.


Maca to fight depression and anxiety


Maca is a hormonal regulator, both for men and for women. Unlike other plants, for example soy, it does not mimic the production of oestrogens, the female hormones, but instead, stimulates their natural production. Not only that, maca is able to regulate the production of oestradiol, progesterone and to limit cortisol, the stress hormone.


This evidence has emerged from studies conducted on the symptoms of menopause, and maca has been shown to be of great benefit. Although it is not yet clear how maca acts in reducing anxiety and depression, many scientists hypothesise that hormone regulation plays a central role in this regard.


How to enhance the benefits of maca


According to scientific research demonstrating the benefits of maca, you need to take a small dose every day to see improvements. To restore our complex hormonal balance it takes time, and even more patience must be had if the symptoms of an imbalance include anxiety and depression.


The indicated dose of maca to be taken every day is about one teaspoon, trying to introduce it gradually in the first weeks. Maca can help in case of anxiety and depression, but you must adopt an active lifestyle, have a balanced nutrition and keep stress under control.


That’s why we have developed our range of Macaccinos: a perfect coffee substitute you can drink every morning at breakfast or at any other time of day. We all know that anxiety is one of the side effects of caffeine, and among the symptoms of its addiction are also mood swings and increased risk of depression.


For women suffering from anxiety, depression and hormonal problems, it is particularly advisable to stop drinking coffee. A cup of Iswari Macaccino, containing organic maca can help you regain your mood and health!


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