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Super Vegan Fitness Packs

Recover Kit Peanut Maca

Three Super Vegan Protein Peanut & Maca Powders, with the ideal amount of protein, antioxidants and micronutrients to increase your energy and well-being. The Recovery Kit gives you what you need to keep up with your workouts.

Gluten free  |  75 servings  | 
Laboratory tested

Recover Kit Peanut Maca

Power . Plant
Protein .


What we've prepared for you:

The Recovery Kit Peanut & Maca includes 100% vegetable protein, it is free of gluten or other nasties:

- 3 Super Vegan Protein Peanut & Maca - 875g


Super Vegan Protein Peanut & Maca - This blend, containing 21g of protein per serving, helps you recover faster by promoting the growth of muscle mass. Rich in vitamin C, magnesium and potassium, it adds the power of maca (with a high iron content). It is also enriched with Camu Camu and banana powder.

Suggestion for use:

Ideally, you should take one of these Super Vegan Protein blends after training. Add 3 tablespoons, or about 35 g, of your Super Vegan Protein blend to 300 ml of water or plant-based drink. Shake and drink. You can also add it to pancakes, smoothies or porridge.




Growth of muscle mass

A mixture of two vegetable proteins that contributes to the growth of muscle mass and becomes an excellent support after training.

Electrolytic balance

Magnesium source helps to maintain electrolyte balance, regulating nerve and muscle functions, and for protein synthesis.

Maintenance of the immune system

With a high vitamin C content, helps to maintain the normal functioning of the immune system during and after intense physical exercise.

Sustaining muscle function

It is a source of potassium, contributing to normal muscle function, which is essential for those who practice a physical activity because it is present in muscle reactions. A lack of potassium can lead to cramps and injuries.

Only With 4 Ingredients

No nasties Added!


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