Goji Berries Conventional

Iswari goji berries hail from the pristine Mongolian
Plateau in Northern China, an area completely
untouched by pollution of any kind.

These nutrient-rich soft and juicy red berries sure pack a
healthy punch, providing Vitamin C, Iron and
protein and they are deliciously tasty to boot!

Nutrition_Sheet High Vitamin C
Nutrition_Sheet Copper of Iron

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Package: 125gr € 5.25
Package: 250gr € 14.25
Package: 1000gr € 32.25

Nutritional declaration - Mean Value Per 100g of Product
Energy (Kj/Kcal) 1409/333
Fat (g) 3.6
of which Saturated (g) 0.6
Carbohydrate (g) 60.6
of which sugars (g) 60.4
Fibre (g) 4
Protein (g) 12.6
Salt (g) 0.9
Iron (mg) 4
Vitamin C (mg) 13.6
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