Raw Chocolate Bar: Gojinger 100% Organic

Our Goji & Ginger bar is made with the purest food grade organic ginger essential oil & topped with the finest
organic goji berries. The result is a delightful combination of texture and flavour. Each bar contains 63% pure raw
cacao, lucuma powder (which lifts, lightens and gently sweetens the flavour) and a touch of low glycemic coconut sugar.

Raw chocolate is often an intense experience, but the addition of Lucuma powder helps to balance this out, a bit
like milk does in conventional chocolate. Our chocolate is a little less intense than most raw chocolate, but still
dark enough to satisfy the 70-80% dark chocolate lover. The ingredients are delicately balanced to maximise flavour,
whilst conserving the purity and integrity of the finest natural superfood ingredients.

Nutrition_Sheet High Chromium
Nutrition_Sheet High Magnesium
Nutrition_Sheet Copper of Iron
Nutrition_Sheet Source of Zinc

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