Raw Chocolate Bar: Orange Quinoa Crunch 100% Organic

Orange and chocolate is one of our favourite flavour fusions. We've taken this age old flavour combinations and jazzed it up all little with the unique and crunchy textures of "raw sprouted quinoa crispies" and coconut sugar crystals.

We only use food-grade organic orange essential oils to provide an unmatched depth and quality of flavour. Each bar contains 63% pure raw cacao, lucuma powder for lifting and lightening the intensity that most raw chocolate carries and a touch of low glycemic coconut sugar. Our ingredients are delicately balanced to maximise the flavour, whilst conserving the purity and integrity of the finest natural superfood ingredients.

A little more about Chocolate in the Raw...

Nutrition_Sheet High Chromium
Nutrition_Sheet High Magnesium
Nutrition_Sheet Copper of Iron
Nutrition_Sheet Source of Zinc

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