Shelled Hemp Seeds 100% Organic

Who would have thought that these seemingly
humble hemp seeds are actually one of the most
nutritionally complete natural foods available!
Packed with omega 3 & 6, as well as vitamins and
minerals, these nutty and nutritious seeds have
been relieved of their fibrous outer shell, leaving
the soft and creamy inner seed, which can be used
in a variety of delicious recipes.

Nutrition_Sheet High Iron
Nutrition_Sheet High Proteins
Nutrition_Sheet Source of Omega3

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Package: 250gr € 7.49
Package: 1000gr € 31.49

Nutritional declaration - Mean Value Per 100g of Product
Energy (Kj/Kcal) 2527/610
Fat (g) 50
of which Saturated (g) 5.25
- Mono-unsaturated fatty acids (g) 5.5
- Polyunsaturated fatty acids (g) 38
Carbohydrate (g) 5
of which sugars (g) 2.2
Fibre (g) 8
Protein (g) 30
Salt (g) < 0.025
Vitamin B3 (mg) 49
Phosphor (mg) 1480
Potassium (mg) 1000
Iron (mg) 10.1
Magnesium (mg) 630
Vitamin E (mg) 13.62
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