Incan Trail Mix Iswari Snack 100% Organic

      Combining tangy Incan berries, crunchy ʻactivatedʼ

      (soaked/air-dried) almonds, delicious dried

      strawberry pieces and nutritious coconut chips, this

      handy snack can be eaten directly from the pack

      whenever hunger strikes at home or on the trail.

      Nutrition_Sheet High Iron
      Nutrition_Sheet High Proteins

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      Package: 100gr € 5.49

      Nutritional declaration - Mean Value Per 100g of Product
      Energy (Kj/Kcal) 2054/496
      Fat (g) 35.9
      of which Saturated (g) 11.7
      - Mono-unsaturated fatty acids (g) 17.4
      Carbohydrate (g) 24.4
      of which sugars (g) 20.9
      Fibre (g) 17.5
      Protein (g) 10.1
      Salt (g) 0.02
      Iron (mg) 153.4