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Iswari SuperFood
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7-28th November

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The more you save, the more trees we save

Organic products from sustainable farming.

Sustainably packaged and transported.

And when you buy them, you’re helping regrow forests in the areas that need them most.

These are the world’s most sustainable deals.

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Why aren’t we doing Black Friday (like everybody else)?

The deals are great, but here’s the deal:

Black Friday isn’t sustainable. Every year, we see increasing spikes in fossil fuel emissions from the excess products being made, bought, and shipped during this one weekend. We buy appliances we don’t need and things we never wanted. We throw away boxes and wrapping and all of last year’s deals too.

So we’re showing that another way is possible. We will still offer great discounts for our clients. But we’ll also invest in something that counts: planting trees that can help fight wildfires, promote wildlife and slow down climate change.

How does Green Friday work:

From the 7th to the 28th of November, we’ll donate €0.15 for every unit you buy to Ecosia, the world’s leading native tree planters.

We’re aiming to plant at least 600 trees - can you help us reach 1000?

Why ?

Ecosia have more experience than anybody right now planting native trees - they’ve planted around 135 million already. They plant biodiversity-boosting local species on carefully chosen places. And they’ve even been endorsed by Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE.


And the best products made from the best ingredientes that the world has to offer.

Organic Certified
Vegan Vegan

Visit from the 7th to the 28th of November

Save the date. Save money. Save our forest.

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