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Healthy Eating

10 Healthy and Easy-to-Prepare Beach Recipes

10 healthy and quick-to-make beach recipes. From savory crepes to burger on a bun. Stock your pantry now.
Fitness and Sport

Women who engage in strength training live longer

Strength training can help you have healthier joints and bones, combat osteoporosis, and even alleviate anxiety. Read more here.
Fitness and Sport

Coconut Water: All the Benefits for Your Health

Coconut water aids in hydration and replenishes essential minerals. Discover the Super Vegan Hydrate Iswari, perfect for endurance sports and to combat the heat
Tiredness and Fatigue

How to Make Iced Coffee at Home

Learn to make iced coffee at home. With these tips, you can achieve a refreshing protein coffee without leaving your house.

The Recipe for a Healthy Smoothie

Discover the perfect recipe for a healthy smoothie with Nutritionist Iara Rodrigues' guide.
Fitness and Sport

Training Motivation: 5 Foolproof Tips

Plan your time, organize your diet, and set realistic goals. Follow these 5 tips to always keep your training motivation high.
Healthy Eating

Dandelion: What It Is and Its Benefits

Often seen as a weed, dandelion is an edible plant that provides varied benefits for digestion, the immune system, among others. Discover which ones now.

Constipation: How to Avoid It and Foods to Include in Your Diet

Apple fiber, chia, oats, and psyllium husk. These foods, high in fiber, help to improve the digestive system, preventing constipation. Find out how.
Healthy Eating

Oat Bars: healthy snacks to take with you

Iswari’s new Oat Bars are the perfect choice to offer you a long-lasting energy boost before exercise or even as a snack between meals.
Tiredness and Fatigue

Functional Coffee: How to Prepare and its Uses

Boost your day with Iswari's functional coffee - packed with energy, health benefits, and keto-friendly ingredients!
Healthy Eating

5 tricks to gain muscle mass without eating meat

Discover the power of plant-based protein with our 5 tricks to gain muscle mass on a vegan diet. Learn how a well-balanced plant-based diet can be just as effective as one with meat for muscle growth and outer performance.
Healthy Eating

What is the difference between vegetable protein and animal protein?

Explore the differences between plant and animal proteins, focusing on the multiple benefits of plant proteins for active individuals. Discover how a diet rich in plant proteins can enhance your health, performance, and recovery.