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Iswari SuperFood

Asked Questions (FAQs) | Iswari ©

How can I check the status of my order or shipment?

You can follow your order by following the link in the DHL confirmation e-mail.

How can I use my coupon / discount coupon?

With a coupon you can get a discount when you buy products in the online store. Find out how to apply a discount:

  1.  Select a product from our online store;
  2. Go to your cart by clicking on the last icon at the top of the site on the right (under the language flag);
  3. A field will appear to enter the coupon code. Enter the code and click "Apply coupon".

Please note that the coupon:

    1. It can have a limited use validity;
    2. It may not be applicable to all products (eg Kits and accessories);
    3. It can not be applied after the order is completed;
    4. Some coupons may not be cumulative with other offers or discounts available in store. (With the exception of partner coupons which can be combined).
    5. Discount coupons in value (e.g. euros) cannot be applied to opportunity products.
    6. Coupons to be added to the basket cannot be combined with other coupons. You can only use one coupon per order. This rule applies to both percentage and value coupons. 

    Where can I change my shipping address?

    You can change your shipping address during your order, as follows:

    1. Select a product in our online store;
    2. Go to your cart by clicking on the last icon at the top of the site on the right (under the flag of the language);
    3. Press the "Continue" button
    4. On the next page click on the "Add new address" button and fill in the empty fields;
    5. After completing the fields, click "Create address" and you can continue the purchase by clicking "Continue".

    What should I do if I receive a faulty or incorrect item?

    Iswari sells only items in perfect condition, so if, exceptionally, you receive a defective product, you must contact the customer service of the online store, via the e-mail address [email protected] or by filling out the form in the area reserved for customer.

    If you accidentally receive a product that you have not ordered or if you miss your order, please contact our online store customer service.

    I want to cancel or change my order, how do I do it?

    As your purchase will be prepared as soon as possible for shipping, please contact our customer service as soon as possible to cancel or make changes to your order. Unfortunately, we will not be able to add items to an existing order, so please submit a new order for any additional items.

    How can I submit a business partnership proposal with Iswari?

    To send a partnership proposal with Iswari, send an email to [email protected].

    If I have questions about the product or how to use it, how can I ask?

    In each product you can find information on the ingredients that compose it, health benefits, tips for use and recipes in which you can apply the product in question. On the other hand, you can also access the "Health" page at the top of the site and select the topic related to your needs.

    How can I use my "Credits" / "Birthday vouchers"?

    Credits can be used before payment, at the checkout. If you have credits in your account, a new section will be available in the purchase phase, before the payment methods. You will need to enter the amount to be discounted and then click on the "discount credits" button.

    Please note that for billing reasons credits can only be used on purchases over €10 + shipping costs (this is the minimum amount to be paid) - everything else can be discounted.

    Credits cannot be used at the same time as discount codes.

    Birthday voucher credits are valid for 3 months.