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Iswari SuperFood

Amabile Kolenda

Chef naturel.


Chef naturel.

Bringing together nutrition and gastronomy. In 2018, Amabile decided to exchange Brazil for Portugal in search of new experiences and challenges. Chef of the restaurant "O Botanista" since 2019, in 2020 she decided to focus on workshops and consulting. Holder of a degree in gastronomy and natural cuisine and responsible for the blog, Amabile has been a teacher in schools of functional gastronomy and a consultant in several restaurants, also in the field of healthy food. She has accepted the challenge of Super Vegan Fitness because she believes in the quality of our ingredients. Find out more about this chef who is part of the Super Vegan team.

Interview with Amabile Kolenda

What does "being healthy" mean to you?

For me, to be healthy means to keep leading a balanced life as possible at all times. Living in a way that makes sense to me according to my values, which are manifested in my diet, my lifestyle and the way I express myself in everyday life.

What do you do to stay healthy?

Yoga, meditation, eating fresh and nutritious food, physical activity, getting a good night's sleep, contact with nature, working on something I love and that makes sense to me and keeping my loved ones close to me.

What do you think are the biggest challenges to maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

Probably to make of wise use of my time, managing priorities and managing stress and anxiety.

How did you get into functional gastronomy?

Functional gastronomy came into my life first out of necessity and then became a passion. I needed to do a treatment and I chose to do it through food. Going to the nutritionist was already common in my life since I was a child, and it was already something I enjoyed. So, it was easy to bring these two aspects together. Functional gastronomy unites gastronomy with nutrition. Always thinking about health  and how to combine ingredients in order to obtain a better absorption of nutrients. Furthermore, it helps in the prevention and treatment of illnesses. Finally, functional gastronomy does not neglect the taste, quality and presentation of the dishes.

Did you make exercise a habit?

Yes! Exercise has been part of my life since childhood. I have practiced several modalities and tested different activities. To feel really good, exercise must be part of my routine, it helps and relaxes me and allows me to stay focused on other aspects of my life.

Why did you decide to accept the partnership with Super Vegan Fitness?

As soon as I arrived in Portugal and met Iswari, I was very surprised by the quality of their products. Being in favor of reducing the consumption of animal products, when I received the proposal to be a partner of the brand, I accepted right away because I believe we can help more people transform their health and lifestyle.

Have you tried any products? Do you have a favorite?

I've tried the three new protein blends. I was hardly surprised by the quality of their composition, full of superfood and 100% natural. So far, my favorite is Maca and Peanuts, because they are flavors I love to mix.

Is there an ingredient that surprised you in a positive way?

Yes, actually several! The presence of Camu-camu, Lucuma and Ashwagandha in protein is not at all common and is an easy way to consume such nutritious and barely known foods.

Do you have recipes you would like to share?

In addition to the traditional protein shakes, we can make truffles, pancakes, porridge and much more! An easy and delicious recipe is truffles (energy ball style) which require only 10 dates, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and 2 tablespoons of your choice of Super Vegan Fitness Protein Blend (all combined). Just mix it all together and make small balls!

Ingredients you can't live without

In addition to fresh fruit and vegetables, oats, oilseed butters and good oil are a must.

Do you have any books to recommend?

Deepak Chopra's “What Are Hungry For?” is definitely one of my favorites!

What inspires you in your daily life?

What inspires me the most is knowing that through my work I can contribute to improving people's health and lives in an enjoyable way. It inspires me to study and learn more and more to be able to evolve.

Three cooking tips you can share that have the potential to make us healthier

Make fresh food the basis of your diet.

Choose preferably seasonal foods. They are always more nutritious and tastier.

Make dishes as colorful as the rainbow. Each food group with a different color gives us different nutrients!

Are there chefs you admire?

Paola Carosela, Helena Rizo and of course my muse, Jamie Oliver, with whom I have learned to cook by watching her TV shows when I was little.

How can people get to know you?

I work with workshops and private courses for those who want to learn more about healthy, gluten-free and dairy-free recipes. In addition to my work, as a personal chef, I prepare frozen dishes according to customer's needs. I also offer consulting services to restaurants and people who want to open their own business. You can find me on social networks on Instagram or on Facebook @amabilekolenda.


They are athletes and nutritionists, among others. They are all very committed to their diet and training.

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