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Artur Sayal

Artur Sayal is a well-known face in the world of fitness.


Artur Sayal is a well-known face in the world of fitness.

Coach at Crossfit Alvalade, personal trainer at Fitness Hut, Head Coach at Clover, a training program for CrossFit athletes; and Bwizer Cross Training trainer. On top of all this, he still trains at least six days a week and takes care of his diet. He looks for quality ingredients because he knows that what we eat has a huge impact on maintaining a healthy body. Your approach is based on three pillars: sleep, training and nutrition. Welcome to the Super Vegan Fitness team!

Interview with Artur Sayal

What does health mean to you and how do you stay healthy?

Health means autonomy, the ability to perform daily tasks without needing help. I stay healthy with "my" perfect Sleep/Train/Nutrition triangle.

And how do you keep fit? What is your training/feeding plan?

The training starts the day before. I try to sleep 6 hours a night, train 6 to 8 times a week, and try to eat in a balanced way 6 days a week. I train in a variety of ways with body weight/external loads/endurance/mobility exercises and I always look more for intensity than volume. I follow the plan of my nutritionist, Filipe Teixeira (I trust him 200%).

And you still give classes and personal training. How is your daily schedule and how do you manage to train in the middle of all this?

I usually say it's not an effort because I LOVE what I do, but it's a big challenge. I start my days with training at 6 or 6.30am. This means waking up at 5am. I take my first breakfast to get to the first training block with energy. I give trainings from 6 to 1- 2pm, almost without pauses, and sometimes, my nutrition is impaired. When I can, I eat something at 8am and/or 12pm. At 3pm, I start training, usually until 4:30-5pm. On some days, I have trainings at the end of the day; on others I return home to prepare for the next day.

What do you think are the biggest challenges to stay healthy?

Consistency is the key to a healthy lifestyle. There is always time for relaxing on the couch or to eat something less healthy, or even a night that changes our sleep. But, the rule has to be a balanced diet/training/sleep. I think most people who fail, fail in consistency. Seek professional help. It helped me.

Does training play an important role?

I think training has a HUGE role and I don't say only by physical aspects. You can measure by mental aspects that, although you don't see them, you feel them. I'm talking about self-esteem, motivation, quality of sleep, appetite control, etc.

What about the supplementation part?

Supplementation can be the link of the triangle I mentioned, because it can complement food, help in training, and improve the quality of sleep.

Is it important to you that the products you take are of quality?

I would say more than important. If they're not quality, I'd rather not consume them. Whenever I'm faced with supplements I don't know, look for professional help to hear opinions from those who know what they're talking about.

What attracted you to Super Vegan Fitness?

What drove me to accept the challenge of being part of the Super Vegan Fitness LINK PRODUCT team, was the quality of the components, the variety, the brand vision and, of course, the lifestyle I want for myself and those around me to be the same as the brand conveys.

Is the fact that they are "clean products" – tested in the laboratory – important to you?

Yes, of course. As I mentioned earlier, I like to know what I'm consuming and where the ingredients come from. LINK PAGE ATTRIBUTES Having the assurance that the brand goes through quality testing increases my confidence and trust in the product.

Is there any taste of the protein you prefer?

I'm in the testing phase and I don't have a favorite yet. LINK PROTEINS

What do you do to keep the balance?

I try to keep up my 6/6/6 routines. Six hours of sleep, train six times a week, and eat well six days a week, then have my day where I can get out of line, but without big exaggerations.

Do you have any feeding/training rituals that you do every day?

My meals are almost always prepared at home and I have no problem repeating meals that I like. I try to make the breakfasts always very similar and often I train after lunch, not being ideal, but it's possible. It's not a planned ritual, but it turns out to be usual.

Any mantra you pass on to your students?

"You never regret a workout that was done... and you almost always regret one that you didn't do."

One thing a lot of people don't know about you...

I've taught Yoga, Hip Hop, Step and so many other Fitness classes.


"You never regret a training that was done... and you almost always regret one that you didn't do."

"Having the assurance that the brand passes quality tests increases my confidence and trust in the product.”


They are athletes and nutritionists, among others. They are all very committed to their diet and training.

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