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Super Vegan Fitness Packs

Super Vegan Fitness Packs

Nuts 4 Almonds

With or without skin? Crunchy or smooth? If you don't know what to choose, this kit is ideal. With a blend of both varieties, the 4 Nut Butter - Almond Kit is rich in texture and benefits for your body.

Gluten-Free  |  4 Butters  | 

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Super Vegan Fitness Packs

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What we have prepared for you

So that you always have your favorite butter at hand, the 4 Nut Butter-Almond Kit includes two organic unpeeled and roasted almonds butters and two organic peeled roasted almonds butters. So, you can diversify your workouts by adding everything your body deserves.

What you can expect

- Nut Butter - Organic Unpeeled and Roasted Almonds 

Almonds have an incredible nutritional content. They are high in fiber and protein. In addition, they contain no added salt, hydrogenated oils, sweeteners or artificial flavors. With Super Vegan Nut Butter 100% Almond Crunchy, your post-training shakes will become richer, desserts more satisfying and smoothies much more interesting.  

- Nut Butter - Organic Peeled and Roasted Almonds

An excellent option to enrich your shakes after workout, to add to pancakes and smoothies or even to spread on bread or toast. Super Vegan Nut Butter 100% Almond contains no added salt, hydrogenated oils, sweeteners, sugars or artificial flavors.


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