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Pea Protein Powder Bio | Iswari ©

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Pea Protein Powder Bio

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  • No Added Sugars No Added Sugars
  • High in Protein High in Protein
Vegan Gluten free Cert. organic

Are you looking for a healthy and nutritious vegetable protein powder?

Pea protein is the solution!
Peas are legumes, known for 10 000 years for their nutritional properties, and delicate taste, now appreciated all over the world. Looking for a vegetable protein supplement? If you are on a vegan diet, suffer from allergies or food intolerance or are simply looking for a protein supplement because you do a lot of sport, then Pea Protein is for you!
Pea protein is a natural protein supplement in powder form that can be prepared in a few moments. It is the best choice for those who need an extra protein boost, but want to avoid milk, wheat, gluten, eggs, and soya.

Why choose pea protein?

Because it contains all the amino acids you need in a proportion similar to that found in meat or eggs. However, unlike animal proteins, peas contain essential fatty acids, folic acid, mineral salts, vitamins, and enzymes that make it particularly digestible and absorbable. At Iswari, we know how difficult it is to follow a vegan diet or to nourish your body when you do sport and want to increase muscle mass. There are many supplements on the market. But for those who are intolerant to gluten, soya or lactose, it is not easy to find a protein supplement with optimal quality and absorption.


Pea protein.


Pea Protein is healthy, organic, sustainable, vegan and easily digestible. But above all, it is highly absorbable by the body and simple to prepare. You will not spend hours on preparation: Pea Protein is ready in a few moments. You can add it to a smoothie, a drink or any meal, both cooked and raw. Its mild flavour is well suited to any recipe.


  • Easy to digest Simple to prepare
  • It can be added to any food or drink thanks to its mild flavour
  • Highly absorbable vegetable protein
  • An instant energy boost
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Excellent for anyone who is intolerant to soya, eggs, and dairy
  • Sugar-free
  • Rich in vitamins B1 and B9 for the nervous system
  • Vitamin C for immune defence and circulation
  • High folic acid content
  • A source of purines (not indicated for gout sufferers)
  • Full of mineral salts such as magnesium, iron, potassium, and calcium


Prepare a meal, snack or protein rich drink Just add about 20 g/30 g (approximately 2 tablespoons full) of pea protein. If you want to prepare a nutritious and energetic meal, mix Pea Protein into your hot or cold soup, and sprinkle some Hemp Seeds on top. Take 40 g as pre- and post-workout.

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