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5 Remedies To Remove Dark Spots That Work Wonders

5 Remedies To Remove Dark Spots That Work Wonders

Is there a connection between skin spots and nutrition? Absolutely yes. And can Superfood help brighten a dull skin? Certainly. There are no miraculous remedies, but those that we propose really work!

Our body is a complex interweaving of processes and structures, which works in large part thanks to nutrition. What we eat is of primary importance for our health. In fact, our body needs different substances for its sustenance, and most of these need to be introduced with food.

A general but necessary premise, because we are often led to separate health problems from the holistic conception of our organism. Dermatological problems, such as skin blemishes, can depend on many factors. There are dark spots due to aging, others caused by solar radiations, others due to liver problems, acne and so on.

We must not throw the baby out with the bath water when it comes to health. Each specific case has particular causes. However, we can see how often there are common causes for skin problems, which could be solved thanks to natural remedies and interventions on habits and lifestyles. Nutrition strongly affects the health of the skin, as we have already said in a previous article. So how can we remove dark spots?

Dark spots: what to eat?

Skin spots are almost always caused by an excess of melanin, a pigment that colours our skin. Why does melanin accumulate in particular areas of our body, such as on the skin of the face and hands? The causes of spots on the skin can be many: excessive exposure to the sun, intake of certain drugs, hormonal imbalances (such during pregnancy), food shortages and many more. These factors can cause skin cells not to function at their best and consequently they can not eliminate excess melanin.

Through nutrition we can stimulate the health of our cells, including those of the skin, or promote the onset of disorders of various kinds. We can prevent or accelerate aging, the production of free radicals and oxidative stress, as well as inflammation. The health of the skin depends on a complex balance, at the base of which we must put our lifestyles.

An active lifestyle and a balanced diet are able to protect us from most disorders in general, including dark spots. Here are 5 natural remedies that work great:

Beta-carotene: it is a vegetable pigment that our body metabolizes producing vitamin A. It takes its name from the carrot, which is particularly rich in it. But so are the tomatoes and lots of green leafy vegetables. Goji berries are also rich in beta-carotene. The Tibetan relatives of our tomatoes are rich in antioxidants too.
Vitamin C: a very powerful antioxidant, able to soothe inflammations and strengthen our immune system. Yes, the oranges are full of them, but Baobab is so much more! African Superfood is a complete food, rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. A natural remedy for the skin!
Vitamin E: surely you already know the benefits for the skin of this precious vitamin. But maybe you do not know that Acai berries, among the most antioxidant fruits of the planet, are an excellent source of this natural remedy against skin blemishes!
Turmeric: its active ingredient is anti-inflammatory and analgesic, but it is also an antioxidant bomb high in vitamin C, calcium and iron. Our Turmeric and Black Pepper is designed for optimal absorption of curcumin, which is activated only thanks to the piperine contained in pepper. There is only a pinch of it, so you can also use it for a lightening mask for skin blemishes!
Zinc: it rebalances hormones that are often responsible for dark spots. A precious mineral, used in cosmetics for its sebum-regulating, anti-aging, soothing and moisturizing properties. Lucuma and Baobab are good sources of zinc ... why don’t you try adding a teaspoon to your favourite smoothie or your Buddha’s Awakening breakfast?