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Iswari Points

What are Iswari Points?

Iswari Points are points that the customer earns when purchasing any Iswari branded product on, excluding the complements and supplements category.

Every €1 corresponds to 1 point.

Points will be credited to your customer account  within 10 days of purchase. Points are personal and non-transferable.

Only when the customer has accumulated a minimum of 250 points will they be able to start redeeming them on their purchases - they can do so at the checkout payment stage, where they will also be able to see how many points they are eligible to redeem.

What are Iswari Points for?

The Iswari Points obtained in each purchase will be accumulated in the customer's account to be used as discounts on future orders, at the consumer's discretion.

How can I redeem my Iswari Points?

After placing items in the Shopping Cart and proceeding to the "Payment" phase, an option is presented where the customer is informed of the total points available in their account.

On that page, the customer can choose to save their points for subsequent orders or to cash (part or all) of the order they are making. The amount of the discount will be €1.00 for every 10 points.

If the purchase amount is not enough to discount the entire amount (the remainder will be converted into points) or the points you have do not cover the tIf the purchase amount is not enough to discount the entire order amount (the remainder will be converted into points), or the points you have do not cover the total purchase amount, the customer must proceed to pay the remaining balance of the order for completion.otal purchase amount, the customer must proceed to pay the remaining amount of the order for completion. of the same.

It is not possible to debit the entire order value with points. Discounts may only be applied to orders starting from €30 (for purely financial reasons) and the value of the transport cost is not included to earn or discount points.

How can I find out how many Iswari Points I can earn?

You can see the number of Iswari Points associated with each order in your customer area at On this page, the number of points accumulated, deducted for each order, as well as the quantity and validity of the points available for use, can be viewed.

Where can I find detailed information about my Iswari Points?

You can view the history of accumulation and use of your Iswari Points through your Iswari account. To do so, simply log in with your usual login details, access your personal area, and view your points history in the "Iswari Points" tab. On this page, you can check how many points you have earned and which you have discounted with each order, the total number of Iswari Points available, and their validity.

Can I accumulate my Iswari Points with other discounts or promotions in force?

Iswari Points can be accumulated with discount coupons or other campaigns in effect, following the logic below: accumulate 1 point for every €1.

However, Iswari Points cannot be accumulated or discounted on products in the Complements, Accessories and Supplements categories.

Do Iswari Points expire?

Yes, accumulated points are valid for 6 months from the date of their attribution, after which they lose their validity.

Iswari Points campaigns:

There may be promotional moments that allow the accumulation of Iswari Points. In these cases, the validity of the points may be less than 6 months - you can find this information in the campaign conditions, as well as in your personal area.

I had to cancel my order where I used points, now what?

If you have redeemed points in an order that you wish to cancel, your points will be restored to you after 3 days or automatically if you send an email to [email protected] asking for the order to be cancelled, indicating the order ID. After this, you will have all your points available for a future purchase.

The terms and conditions may be reviewed and changed at any time, without prior notice to users.

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