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Iswari SuperFood
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Superfoods Market leader

Iswari Superfoods Market leader

About us

Iswari is a Portuguese brand that quickly became the Superfoods market leader, seducing more than 18 countries with its unique philosophy and products. Despite its artisanal beginnings, with a family based production and sales to friends, Gonçalo Sardinha believed in a dream: to offer to Portuguese people and to the world, superfoods that could change the lifestyle of thousands of people.

Iswari was born in 2010, with an initial investment of 50.000 euros, and quickly reached success and is currently present in 18 countries, with a turnover of about 6.5 million of euros.

Iswari Is A Portuguese Brand

The brand Iswari ©

The Iswari Brand offers a wide range of products known as superfoods, foods high in micronutrients (water and fat-soluble vitamins, mineral salts and oligo elements) with great health benefits.

In total there are 51 products, divided in six principal categories: Breakfasts, Detox, Proteins, Macaccinos, Pure Superfoods, Toppings and snacks. Iswari means “goddess” in the ancient language of Sanskrit and it is that goddess that inspires the brand and its principles: Health, Flavour and Wisdom. Those are the values that guide all the Iswari activities. A brand in perfect harmony with nature, its greatest “Supplier”.

From nature Iswari gets organic products, natural and delicious with excellent nutritional properties. They are then selected, combined and packaged to offer a range of more than 51 products ready to consume. Those Values are respected and shared with Iswari’s suppliers. In fact, only products from sustainable suppliers that respect nature, people and the ecosystem, are acquired. Iswari products do not contain harmful ingredients for human health, animal derivatives, soya, dairy, gluten or refined sugars.

Iswari © Products

Iswari Products are certified by the Vegan Society Trademark. They are organic (with secured quality from their origin. Only raw materials that respect the European standards of organic production.). They are Fairtrade (with a rigorous selection certified from its origin) and free from gluten certified by the APC – Portuguese Coeliac’s Association.



Quality assured from the origin

Iswari Superfoods Market leader