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5 tips for muscle recovery

5 tips for muscle recovery

After exercising, we should not forget the importance of muscle recovery. It is essential to any exercising regime, in order to avoid suffering injuries and muscle pain. There is no magic formula for perfect recovery, but there are many ways to help our body:
1) A good diet is essential
One of the most important factors is food. It is essential to give our muscles all the necessary nutrients to grow and recover. Doctors and scientists agree that for the best muscle recovery we need to eat protein and carbohydrates. Protein provides the muscles with the nutrients they need, and carbohydrates help to speed up recovery by giving energy to the body.
2) Superfood
One of the most important tips is to eat immediately after training. We should not let more than one hour pass after physical activity before we "recharge our batteries". And that's where superfoods come into play. Iswari has several products that can be consumed after training. Our gluten-free, vegan and no-added-sugar mixes are ideal to be added to smoothies or energy bars:

Acai - Vitamin E helps to protect your muscles from the oxidative stress produced by vigorous exercise. Acai is extremely rich in vitamin E and so taking acai in powder form after training, can greatly facilitate the recovery of muscle tissues.

Maca - It is ideal for muscle recovery because it provides over 60 different phytonutrients, including abundant minerals, amino acids, vitamins B, C and E and plant sterols. It strengthens and balances the body, providing energy and helping to fight fatigue.

Spirulina - This algae is extremely rich in complete protein (roughly 60%). It is extremely useful for sports performance, since it activates muscle recovery and strengthens the body. It helps us to gain more energy, vitality and resistance after training, and it is also a fantastic natural detoxifier.

3) Do not forget stretching!

Stretching is also essential for optimal recovery. Stretching immediately after your workout is indispensable! By stretching we increase blood circulation and can therefore help improve nutrient absorption in the muscles themselves.

4) Water: before, during and after

Food is essential for a good recovery, but we mustn’t forget hydration. Drinking water before, during and after exercise is crucial to remain healthy and pain free!

5) Listen to your body

Rest is almost as important as training. It is essential to schedule the days of rest between the workouts so that our body can recover from all the hard work.