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7 superfoods to boost your mental energy

7 superfoods to boost your mental energy

Do you feel tired and mentally exhausted? Can't you stay focused in your study or work? Are you always sleepy and feeling weak? Do you know that these conditions may depend on nutrition? Discover the best superfoods to improve your mental energy.

1 Water

If superfoods exist, what could be better than water to give you energy? Joking aside, water is fundamental to our functioning, and very often the cause of mental exhaustion is dehydration. When our organism is not hydrated enough, it starts to function badly, including the brain. Make sure you drink enough water every day, avoiding sugary and alcoholic drinks.

2 Coffee or not?

A lot of people who just need energy, even mental energy, use coffee. Not only coffee in particular, but also caffeine in general. Caffeine-based energy drinks, as well as the classic cup of coffee, can give a boost of mental energy, but what happens next? Caffeine stimulates the body too much, causing symptoms such as nervousness, irritability, loss of concentration, anxiety and tachycardia. Better to opt for coffee substitutes. Guarana is perfect for those looking for a stimulating drink, but let's not forget the Macaccino. A combination of Maca and Cocoa, which energizes, nourishes and satisfies the palate, without creating any tension.

3 Green Tea

The legendary calm and concentration of the Japanese is the result of their millenary culture, but also of an ingredient that they have kept secret for centuries: their ceremonial tea. It's called Matcha, and it's grown in the dark to stimulate seedlings to produce chlorophyll. This substance is a powerful antioxidant. But Matcha tea is also rich in vitamins and proteins, and is perfect for those seeking pure concentration.

4 Acai

The Amazonian berry is famour all over the world for its antioxidant properties. But it's not just good for fighting cellular aging. Among its properties, Acai promotes microcirculation of the blood, and thus stimulates the supply of oxygen to the brain. Result? The brain works better for hours!

5 Omega 3

The good fats that we know to be allies of skin, sight, are also great for focus and concentration, helping you to increase mental energy and cognitive performance. They are also very important for children! But where are they? The best plant sources of Omega 3 are Chia Seeds and Linseed, which you can find in our Awakening Bowl and the Little Buddha range for children.

6 Sugar

Sugar is pure energy. That's true, but under certain conditions. Refined sugar gives an immediate injection of energy, but it is addictive, with glycemic peaks followed by moments of collapse and fatigue, and puts our health at serious risk. Better to opt for healthy alternatives, such as Coconut Sugar and Xylitol, with lower glycemic indices.

7 Proteins!

Proteins are the building blocks of our tissues, including muscles, internal organs and the brain. We are used to identify proteins with animal proteins, such as meat, but their intake is not sustainable for the environment, nor is it sustainable for our health. Vegetable proteins, on the other hand, are non-toxic to the liver, do not contain hormones, antibiotics and harmful saturated fats and are much more digestible. If properly combined, they can contain all the essential amino acids and proteins you need to boost your mental energy. Try Super Vegan Protein, a mix of Hemp, Rice and Peas Proteins.