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Back to the routine without shock with superfoods

Back to the routine without shock with superfoods

When the holidays are over and you have to go back to your routine, you can face a real shock of change. The result is called holiday blues and includes various symptoms such as depression, anxiety, fatigue and digestive problems. Here's how to make the return to routine smooth!

Whether it's summer, Christmas or Easter holidays, the problem is always the return. Returning to the routine abruptly and suddenly can have a huge impact on our bodies. Especially in the case of long holidays that take us very far, we must make sure to return to the usual habits gradually.

How to return to the routine gradually

  1. Try not to return from your holiday on the same day or the day before you return to your routine. One or two days off help a lot.
  2. Before you leave, when you are still in full operation, organize your time and commitments well for the first few days after your return. You won't get upset!
  3. On holiday, don't indulge in total idleness, but get your body used to a bit of daily exercise.
  4. Plan after your return some pleasant appointments, such as a dinner with friends, an aperitif or a short trip on the weekend.
  5. Align the rhythms of sleep and meals with those of return during the last days of vacation, to accustom the body to a gradual return.
  6. On holiday you can let yourself go, but don't exaggerate with the food! Especially the last few days before you return, try to eat healthy and regular.

Nutrition is also very important in these cases. This is one of the habits we tend to change most drastically on holiday. Here are a couple of useful tips to avoid the shock of returning and get back to the routine without any problem with the help of superfoods:

  1. Always take a detox superfood with you on the road to cleanse your body of the crap you'll swallow and stress. Spirulina and Chlorella tablets are perfect because, in addition to the detox effect, they are rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and vitamins. Goodbye, headache after a hangover!
  2. Take an instant breakfast with you to start your day in a healthy way even on holiday. Just add a little water or vegetable milk to make a creamy, nutritious and tasty porridge. We are specialists in instant breakfast, discover all tastes!
  3. On your way back, make sure you feed your body well and try to avoid gluten and animal proteins, but also caffeine. You can prepare an antioxidant smoothie with our Acai Powder and add Omega-3 to your meals with Hemp Seeds. Replace animal proteins with our vegetable proteins you can add to soups, shakes and other recipes. Instead of coffee, try our Macaccino: give energy with Maca and give a good mood with cocoa serotonin!