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Brilliant breakfasting: Buddha’s Awakening

Brilliant breakfasting: Buddha’s Awakening

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to spice up your morning breakfast routine, then these breakfast blends might be just the ticket for you! For a lot of people, breakfast time can often be over-looked as we’re rushing around getting ready; but what you’re feeding your body first thing in the morning, can have such an impact on how you feel for the day. If I didn’t have breakfast in the morning, not only would I feel incredibly hungry, but also have a significant lack of energy. I know training fasted is quite popular with lots of people, but personally I just don’t find that this suits me at all; so I always need to make sure that I consume a good breakfast with some slow releasing carbs, healthy fats and protein before I exercise.

If you are someone who’s very short on time in the morning, then having something quick and easy to throw together like these can be a massive help. You could even prep these the night before if you wanted to. The blends come in a finely milled, powder like texture that you mix with a plant based milk of your choice, to create a really creamy, oatmeal like consistency. You can serve this on it’s own, add an array of delicious toppings or even blend it into a smoothie. They’re really versatile and simple to use, you just can’t go wrong!

The blends come in a variety of different flavours and are all completely vegan, raw, gluten free and certified organic. They contain a mixture of incredible, nutritious ingredients like: ground almonds, buckwheat, chia seeds and a variation of different superfood powders. Both the chia and flaxseeds are sources of plant based healthy fats and are what help to create that thick and creamy texture. So not only are these extremely quick and fuss free to make, but also packed full of natural wholesome ingredients. Perhaps one of the most important elements of a meal, is of course the taste. The flavours range from a rich chocolate hit to a vibrant and fruity Acai and banana- so there’s something different depending on what you fancy that day.

All of the mixes are naturally sweetened and are completely refined sugar free, which is definitely something I look for in a breakfast. If I start my day with something purely carbohydrate and sugar based, then I find that this leads me to experiencing energy slumps and tiredness later in the day, so I like to make sure that my breakfast is as balanced as possible. To include a little more protein first thing, you could always try blending these into a protein smoothie or adding some plant based protein into the mix when mixing it with the almond milk. They make for a really delicious breakfast, snack or even dessert and are great to take with you on the go or when travelling.