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Cold and Flu: 5 ways to heal quickly

Cold and Flu: 5 ways to heal quickly

Cold and flu are two terrible season sicknesses. Of course, they're nothing serious, but how annoying are they? As soon as we get them, we want to heal quickly. But how?

It's not easy, and we want to start by telling the truth: it's better to prevent cold and flu than to cure them. It's better, and it's much easier. But if the first symptoms of the cold come, what should we do?

There are those who say that colds and flu can only be cured by rest and a lot of hydration and that we must let our body fight them and train our immune system. That sounds right. But there are also those who recommend using drugs and supplements to treat the symptoms and feel better immediately. Not a bad idea. So?

How to heal from colds and flu?

The first thing you should do is be aware that for at least 3 days you will be out of use. Better to accept this as a moment of rest.

We at Iswari are not against the use of drugs in general, but we are definitely against their abuse. And here we have to make a distinction: the cold can almost always be cured without taking medication, while for the flu the situation is different. 

The difference between cold and flu

Influenza is not just an inflammation of the airways like the cold, but it is an infectious disease caused by a virus. It is contagious and can evolve in various ways. Even the cold, if not properly treated, can change from a simple bacterial infection to a viral one, but it is usually less aggressive.

Therefore, first of all, we recommend that you contact your general practitioner to find out if the symptoms that have affected us are those of a cold or flu. And then, apart from the treatments he prescribes, what can we do to heal quickly?

5 tricks to heal quickly from colds and flu

  • Drink a lot. Yes, everyone says so. But we tell you a secret: the Chia seeds absorb a volume of water up to 12 times their weight. Oats reach about 8 times. A Chia seed pudding or a porridge at breakfast will help you a lot.
  • Vitamin C. Many people take vitamin C supplements with huge dosages. But science says that there is a maximum limit, and that supplements are not fully absorbed. Too much vitamin C can cause nausea and diarrhea, as well as corroding your teeth! If you eat it from natural foods, your body will absorb it more and better. Which one to choose? Baobab, Goji Berries and the new Camu Camu + Acerola!
  • Turmeric. Curcumin has a great anti-inflammatory effect, perfect for your cold or to facilitate the healing of the flu. 
  • Sleep. Rest, as all grandmothers say, is the best therapy. Sleep, relax. If you can't do it, find out how to sleep better in this article.
  • Detox. Mucus, inflammation and antibody waste must be excreted from the body. Help yourself with our green superfoods: choose the one that suits you best!