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Did You Know That Chlorella Helps Increase Physical Endurance In Sports?

Did You Know That Chlorella Helps Increase Physical Endurance In Sports?

There are no miracle drugs, but according to some studies the closest thing is prolonged aerobic exercise! Increasing aerobic endurance can improve mood, intestinal health, tone muscles and help you lose weight. And Chlorella can give you the boost you need to achieve it!

We all know that doing regular physical activity can help to keep ourselves healthy and fit. But science tells us more: aerobic activity, like running and cycling, can improve the health of intestinal bacterial flora. Not only that: according to a study conducted at Harvard, aerobic exercise is able to fight depression and stress.

But aerobic exercise is the most difficult of all. It is a question of resistance, of patience, of willpower. Those who enjoy it feel a particular pleasure in constant and prolonged physical effort, that for so many is more like suffering! For most ordinary mortals who want to keep fit or lose weight, this is the biggest obstacle to overcome.

According to a 2014 study, Chlorella is able to improve aerobic endurance, increasing the ability to saturate the lungs with oxygen. How is it that a small alga can improve physical endurance in sport? According to the researchers it would is due to the branched chain amino acids. In fact, Chlorella is rich in proteins and contains all the essential amino acids for our body.

The daily intake of at least 6 grams of Chlorella a day can improve aerobic endurance and help us cope with physical exertion during training. Aerobic exercise helps us to lose body fat, improves blood circulation, heartbeat and releases endorphins, stimulating the feeling of well-being.

Our Chlorella powder and Chlorella tablets have cracked cell walls to improve nutrient assimilation. Organic and rich in nutrients, Chlorella is the right choice for detox, weight loss and sports!