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Does Breakfast Help You Lose Weight?

Does Breakfast Help You Lose Weight?

There are people who wake up as ravenous as a bear after hibernation, and others who simply cannot stomach the sight of a cornflake before midday. However, most people feel that we need to lose the extra pounds, skipping breakfast is a good start. But could it really be true that having breakfast helps you lose weight? And skipping breakfast can make you fat? Surely not…!

But yes, in fact dozens of scientific studies say confirming what our grandmothers have always said: breakfast is the most important meal of the day! This is not a cliché, but a truth that we must consider when we are on a diet.

Breakfast activates the metabolism ... and more

A good breakfast activates the process of thermogenesis, or the thermal effect of food, defined as the amount of energy spent on food digestion. This is one of the main factors that determine the consumption of calories in our body. That's why a rich breakfast is able to awaken the metabolism!

Skipping breakfast prevents thermogenesis from being activated, and as a result, less calories are consumed. While it is true that an abundant breakfast involves the introduction of many calories, many studies have shown how eating breakfast can help you eat less during the day, and especially at dinner. In short, if you avoid breakfast, you are more likely to consume high-calorie snacks, and eat more at lunch and dinner.

All this would happen without the activation of the metabolism in the morning, and the consequences are obvious. According to a study conducted on over 50,000 participants, a generous breakfast prevents obesity and is linked to a lower glycemic index, as well as lower body mass indexes.

What to eat for breakfast to lose weight?

Although there are many studies confirming the beneficial effects of breakfast, it must always be remembered that to stay fit and lose weight you need to eat healthy and exercise regularly. A greasy spoon fry up, is not likely to help you lose weight (sorry)!

A healthy breakfast must be balanced and include all the nutrients that our body needs for proper functioning. Carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, minerals and vitamins must always be present. Here are the tips for a balanced breakfast:

Avoid sugar: croissants, brioches and biscuits are rich in white sugar, a poison capable of triggering blood sugar spikes. These initiate the collapse of blood sugar levels, which cause hunger and make us eat again.

Drink water: our body needs fluids, and in particular pure water. Before your favourite breakfast, drink a glass of water, it's a gift for your body!

Eat whole grains: whole grains are the best choice for weight control and for your health. According to an American study, women who eat whole grains at breakfast have a 30% lower risk of developing inflammatory diseases over a period of 17 years!

If you never have time to prepare breakfast, but you want to activate your metabolism and satisfy yourself until lunch, you can opt for one of Iswari’s instant breakfasts. They are ready in about a minute, and offer you all the nutrients you need to start off your days!

Buddha's Awakening: a range of breakfasts based on ground and activated buckwheat, a wholegrain gluten-free cereal (technically its not a grain, but a seed!) rich in vitamins and minerals, with chia and flax seed, the best plant sources of Omega-3. Choose the flavour you like best: each one contains only the best organic Superfoods!

Sprouted Oats: an oat-based porridge, made with whole oat groats that are soaked, activated, and then rolled. Just add hot water and hey presto! Gluten-free, nutritious and high in fibre too. The oat fibres in this mix are the ideal food for our gut flora, and also help us to feel full and satisfied, as well as helping to regulate our blood sugar and intestinal function.