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Does Exercise Make You Lose Weight? A Surprising Truth

Does Exercise Make You Lose Weight? A Surprising Truth

A study conducted in 2017 confirms a suspicion known to many: physical exercise does not help you lose weight. All those who try to lose weight with physical exercise, sometimes even intense, without managing to lose even one kg, know what we are talking about. Let's find out where the truth lies!
We all know that regular physical activity can bring numerous benefits, ranging from reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer to greater psychophysical wellbeing. The WHO has also been supporting for years how people who play sports live longer and are healthier.
So why did a group of researchers manage to prove that exercise does not make you lose weight? Simple: doing sports is not enough, but it does not mean that it is useless. Our body weight is determined by many factors, including movement, nutrition and hormonal balance. It is clear that none of these can, by itself, make us lose weight easily.
Weight loss is a complex process that must be addressed taking into consideration the health and well-being of the person. Physical activity by itself is often also linked to an increase in hunger, due to the activation of metabolism. This condition can lead us to eat more during the day, or to look for fatty and less healthy snacks, or to be less active the rest of the day.
The researchers have not discovered anything new: physical activity is not enough to lose weight, if it is not accompanied by a balanced diet. But the result of this study is particularly important, because it highlights the risks of an irresponsible approach to weight loss, as well as the importance of nutrition.

Physical activity and nutrition to lose weight

The only real recipe for losing weight is the combination of regular exercise with a balanced diet. And by diet we mean not only nutrition, but lifestyle in general. Here are our tips to lose weight:

Practice regular exercise, appropriate to your health and age

Not smoking

Do not drink alcohol

Avoid hyper-processed products as snacks full of saturated fats

Eat fruits, vegetables and whole grain

Limit the consumption of animal proteins and prefer the vegetable ones

Avoid refined sugar

What to eat to promote weight loss

A high protein intake stimulates the metabolism, reduces appetite and modifies different hormones that regulate weight. Proteins can help you lose weight and especially abdominal fat. Combining a protein-rich diet with physical activity is the best way to lose weight. Reducing the caloric intake you lose weight because muscle mass is lost. If it's the fat mass you want to lose, then feed your muscles with proteins.
Our vegetable proteins are perfect for sports: they do not weigh down the liver, have a complete amino acid profile and a neutral taste, excellent for adding them in smoothies, drinks and sweet or savory dishes of any kind. Our Super Vegan Protein are a balanced mix of hemp, peas and brown rice proteins. Super Green Protein add a detox touch with the best green superfoods: Spirulina, Chlorella and Matcha. But you can also find the individual Hemp Protein, Pea Protein and Rice Protein.

But to support the physical activity that we often do outdoors, we also need energy and tasty snacks. Get rid of snacks full of sugars, preservatives and dangerous fats and prefer a healthy cocoa, which is perfect for sport. Our Fairtrade Cocoa is raw, vegan, and stimulates your metabolism. A great superfood before or after training!