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How To Give Up Sugar In 5 Steps

How To Give Up Sugar In 5 Steps

At this point you might think: why should I remove sugar from my diet if I love sweets? Yes, almost everyone loves the taste of refined sugar, but there are two main problems. White sugar does not offer us any good nutrients for the body and it is addictive. In fact, when we eat sugar, we receive a quick injection of energy, but as soon as this energy arrives, it disappears. This is why immediately after eating sugar, we feel the need to eat more of it. This is a toxic vicious circle.

In addition to this, sugar contributes to the development of various diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity. If you've decided it's time to take this important step and get rid of this poison called sugar, you just have to put these tips into practice:

1. Always choose natural foods

It is not just sweets that contain sugar. If we read the labels of refined and processed products, we find it everywhere. Some foods like industrial bread, ketchup, artificial tomato sauce or packaged juices have a large percentage of added sugar. That's why the best strategy is to opt for natural foods. Why not prepare tomato sauce or orange juice at home? You'll have to work a bit more, but in the long term your body will thank you!

2. Don’t keep refined sugar in the pantry

It's an old trick and it never fails. If you do not want to consume any type of refined sugar, it is better not to have at home any food that contains it. Do not buy candies to offer them to guests or chocolates for the kids, because you could end up eating them yourself. The best way to get rid of sugar is to not buy anything that contains it.

3. Start the day well

Another good strategy is not to eat sweets in the morning. Instead of eating cakes or biscuits, why don’t you try one of our natural products we created specifically for breakfast? Try our Super Oats, or a porridge with our Buddha’s Awakening. You can also make pancakes for the whole family with the Little Buddha mix. Three healthy options, very delicious and without refined sugar.

4. Train your palate

This change can not be achieved overnight, as a miracle. It takes determination and constancy, but the best way to eliminate sugar from your life in a definitive way is to get used to other flavours that are not sweet. Spirulina, Chlorella and Wheatgrass are good examples.

5. Look for healthy substitutes

The transition to a life without refined sugar is not easy, and the process can have ups and downs. That's why we at Iswari have created two healthy options for when you want something sweet but not toxic to your body. Coconut sugar and Xylitol are our healthy sweeteners. They are healthier alternatives to white sugar, suitable for diabetics and with a low glycemic index.