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How to go on a detox without starving yourself

How to go on a detox without starving yourself

As soon as we hear the word detox, we may immediately think of a very strict diet of celery juice and lettuce leaves that leaves no room for felling fulfilled and enjoying tasty food. But a detox, if done well, should not make us starve! In fact, a well-planned detox should never leave us feeling hungry. First of all, we have to distinguish a detox from fasting, a fasting mimicking diet and intermittent fasting.

They are completely different diets, and we at Iswari do not recommend fasting for several reasons. Not eating, even for a few days, means putting the body under stress and activating systems of defence of the body that usually are activated only in a state of emergency.

Fasting also causes loss of mass and muscle tone. We can lose weight, yes, but at a high price. The price is paid by our muscles, which keep us healthy, and also affects our physical appearance. So, whats the best way to go on a detox?

What to eat on a detox 

The detox diet should never make our bodies suffer and must not leave us feeling hungry. Of course, we have to exclude many of the foods we consume habitually, especially the less healthy ones. 

A detox in fact, is a temporary diet in which you consume fruit, vegetables and legumes at will, reducing animal proteins, eliminating saturated fats, sugars and foods with little nutrients, such as packaged snacks.

To help us start a detox diet without dying of hunger and without fasting, we can benefit from including some superfoods, which are useful to appease hunger and to ensure we are getting all the nutrients needed by our body:

  • Oats and buckwheat for breakfast: they are gluten-free cereals or pseudo-grain, which are nutritious and tasty. In addition, they are extremely satisfying, and keep us full until lunch without bloating, and without putting on weight. In our range of breakfasts, you find the healthy instant breakfast: Buddha’s Awakening, Little Buddha and Super Oats.
  • Spirulina and Chlorella: these are two types of algae rich in antioxidants, but also vitamins and minerals. Mix one teaspoon in the morning and one in the evening in half a glass of apple juice. They contain iron, vitamin C and help expel heavy metals! They are also complete foods, providing all the nutrients our body needs.
  • Macaccinos: we created these special mixes of Maca and Cocao/Carob because we wanted to help people to stop drinking coffee. Then we realised that they are much more than just a coffee substitute. The Macaccinos are super nutritious and healthy, they don't have the side effects of caffeine and they fill us with energy.
  • Plant-based proteins: we have created two mixes, Super Vegan Protein and Super Green Protein, mixing hemp, rice and pea proteins. So you can fulfil your bodies protein requirements, even whilst on a detox!