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How To Start Your Day With Energy

How To Start Your Day With Energy

Start the day well, full of energy, is the best way to deal with all the commitments that otherwise could exhaust us. An exam, a job interview or an important task must be dealt with a clear mind and with all the available energies. Let's find out how to wake up with energy!

Sleep well to wake up better

It is not possible to wake up well if we do not first give our body and mind an adequate rest. But how can we ensure ourselves a restful sleep? First, we must try to go to bed early, ideally around 10 pm, after a light dinner at about 7 pm. A good infusion can help to relax. A comfortable bed, the right pillow and total darkness are essential. If it is not possible to sleep in silence, then it is better to get some ear caps.

Yoga, meditation and breathing

These three practices are part of the same discipline, which considers body and mind as an indissolvable unit. Half an hour of stretching before going to sleep, together with ten minutes of meditation and breathing exercises, help to make us sleep better, and to oxygenate the blood and tissues. In this way, we can digest better and allow our entire body to regenerate itself. Repeating this good habit as soon as you wake up helps to reactivate the organs and make them work better!

Water: a source of energy

We are made mostly of water and water is a fundamental element for our health. Drinking a glass of warm or warm water in the morning helps the body to expel toxins and relaxes the internal muscles, preparing the digestive system to the very important task of providing all the essential nutrients to our body.

Energy breakfast: what are the secrets?

At this point, we can think about breakfast! After having rested properly, activated the body and mind and prepared our stomach, we must offer him the best to allow him to extract pure energy from food. Here's what to drink and what to eat to start the day with full energy:

Coffee or substitutes? Caffeine is able to wake us up, and provides us with an immediate supply of energy, but has many side effects. It increases the heart rate and can promote hyperventilation, tension and anxiety, making us less lucid. Its positive effect lasts very little. Among the best coffee substitutes are raw cocoa, maca and carob flour. Raw cocoa contains little caffeine, but is rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness. Maca is energetic and restorative and the carobs are sweet, rich in minerals and an immediate source of energy.

Our range of Macaccinos is perfect to start the day with an energy drink, healthy and tasty. Our Macaccino Original is a combination of cocoa and maca with a dash of coconut sugar, the only healthy natural sugar! Macaccino Sensual adds a spicy touch to your healthy hot chocolate, while Macaccino Dark is based on maca and carob, for a sweet and powerful taste, without traces of caffeine!

To nourish ourselves to the best we must combine carbohydrates, proteins and fats, taking care to introduce the right amount of vitamins and minerals. It’s not an easy task, especially if we do not have time in the morning to prepare a healthy and energetic breakfast. That's why we created our instant breakfasts Buddha’s Awakening, Super Oats and Little Buddha! Three different ranges for the whole family.

Buddha's Awakening combines the best superfoods with a ground and activated buckwheat base, a particularly nourishing gluten-free cereal. There are for all tastes and for all needs: Hemp Protein, Morning Protein, Acai and Strawberry and many others. Ready in just one minute with the addition of water, milk or a vegetable drink, it is also excellent for sweet recipes of all kinds!

Super Oats is an extraordinary combination of activated and minced gluten-free oats and superfoods such as cocoa and goji berries or banana flour. We have improved and reinvented porridge for those who love a creamy and versatile breakfast!

Our Little Buddha is the range of instant breakfasts for the youngest: Blueberry Magic, Carob Breakfast and Banana-Apple will surprise children for their taste and satiate them up to lunch!