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The best superfood for hair health

The best superfood for hair health

In order to have healthy and bright hair, it is necessary to nourish it also from the inside with a correct diet. Here is a list of the 5 best superfood for hair that will help you get a thick, strong and soft hair!

Nutrition has a huge impact on your hair's health. Specific shampoos, conditioners and masks are not enough to make our hair bright and soft, as some advertisements would have us believe.

What does hair health depend on?

Of course, washing your hair and cutting it are very important factors. Avoid washing your hair too often and do not use aggressive detergents is essential. 

But it is the diet that has the most impact on the appearance of our hair. Hair consists mainly of proteins, and in particular two amino acids, cysteine and lysine. These two essential amino acids must necessarily be introduced with the diet. 

A lack of protein can weaken the hair and cause brittleness and hair loss. Iron is a fundamental mineral for the oxygenation of tissues and scalp. Zinc and calcium are other minerals that we need for hair health.

Among the vitamins, those of the B group, vitamin A and vitamin C stimulate hair growth and protect it from dryness, fragility and the tendency to wear out. 

Omega-3 fatty acids are very important if we want to have healthy and shiny hair: they stimulate the microcirculation that nourishes the hair and the production of keratin, which makes it strong and resistant.

The 5 superfoods for hair

The best way to have healthy hair is to follow a balanced diet. However, it is not always possible to eat healthy between work commitments and little time for preparing meals. Here is a list of the best superfood for hair health that can not miss in your pantry: they are organic, healthy and are real natural supplements easy to absorb and digest:

Hemp seeds, linseed and chia seeds: these are exceptional vegetable sources of omega-3 fatty acids. They do not have the defects of animal fats, which may contain traces of heavy metals and antibiotics, but they are also accompanied by the presence of unhealthy saturated fats! 

Baobab and goji berries: the African superfood is an extraordinary source of vitamin C, as are goji berries. In addition, these superfoods contain high levels of antioxidants, excellent for fighting free radicals and aging.

Matcha and Cacao are two great sources of antioxidants, they are energetic and delicious. Cocoa is also rich in vitamins B and E, and Matcha is rich in proteins, which are great for the health of your hair.

Plant based proteins: how can we not mention vegan proteins for the health of the hair? They are non-toxic and have all the essential amino acids, including cysteine and lysine. 

Spirulina and Chlorella: these are the famous detox algae, but they are also excellent sources of iron, calcium and zinc, which invigorate and strengthen the hair!