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Iswari SuperFood

The Solution For Food Allergies

The Solution For Food Allergies

Allergies and food intolerances are constantly increasing every day. More and more people feel sick after eating gluten, eggs, milk or soy. Some have a physical reaction to these foods (such as diarrhea, vomiting or a severe stomach ache), while others feel a sense of heaviness and swelling after consuming them. But why have allergies and intolerances increased so much? In our grandparents’ time nobody would talk about celiac disease or lactose intolerance, but nowadays these allergies are widespread. The main cause is our diet.

Changes in our eating habits, consumption of transgenic and increasingly refined, processed foods have altered our body. Society encourages us to consume foods rich in saturated fats, rich in all kinds of artificial colorants and preservatives. Moreover, obesity and a lack of vitamin B, due to the low intake of fresh products and to high levels of stress, are weakening our immune system. All this, together, contributes to a significant increase in food allergies in the Western world.

Furthermore, both gluten and lactose can cause a constant feeling of tiredness, apathy and a lack of energy during the day. And that's why many people, although not suffering from any kind of allergy, are deciding, more and more often, to remove these foods from their diet. It is thinking of all these people that we have created Iswari products. Our entire product range is 100% gluten-free, lactose and soy-free, and vegan.We are living proof that you can nourish yourself in a healthy and nutritious way and prepare delicious meals by pampering your body and leaving aside everything that can cause allergies or intolerances.

Little Buddha - Our range of breakfasts designed for children is vegan and contains no gluten, lactose or soy. The mix is specifically designed for our children’s needs, to allow them to start the day with full energy and vitality. The whole range is suitable for coeliacs and it is ... delicious! You can choose between the Carobs, Apple and Banana or Magic Blueberry flavours, and with the Little Buddhas you can prepare porridges, pancakes or truffles that will conquer the real kings of your home.

Buddha’s Awakening - Adults are also entitled to a healthy, nutritious and non-allergenic breakfast. Our Buddha’s Awakening has already conquered the whole world and we do not stop creating new tastes. How sweet do you want your breakfast to be? Do you want a touch of fruit or cocoa? Surely you will find the Buddha’s Awakening that is perfect for you. One of the most appreciated is the Açaí and Strawberry Buddha’s Awakening. It is perfect for all those who train in the morning. The Açai will give you an injection of energy and will also help regenerate and protect your muscles. Not to be missed!

Super Oats - Be careful when buying oatmeal! You will find all kinds of categories and qualities in the market, but Iswari’s Super Oats is 100% gluten-free and particularly nutritious, because during the dehydration process it is not exposed to high temperatures. In this way all the nutritive properties are fully preserved. In addition to pure sprouted oats, we have developed some blends to simplify your life: Super Oats with Banana, Cocoa or Hemp Protein. You just have to add your favourite vegetable drink to have breakfast or a perfect snack without gluten or lactose.