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What Should You Eat Before And After Exercising?

What Should You Eat Before And After Exercising?

Physical exercise and Nutrition are indivisible concepts. Eating healthy while leading a sedentary lifestyle is inefficient. Same goes for regular physical exercise without giving your body the nutrients it needs before and after working out.

Before exercising your organism needs protein and healthy fats: following your workout our gift to our body should be natural sugars, vitamins, magnesium, calcium and selenium to support muscle recovery.

These are some of the superfoods that we should always have in our kitchen cabinet if we work out on a regular basis.


Matcha: Before exercising you need energy and Matcha will give you the perfect boost of vitality to give you the strength you need to work out but without the anxiety that caffeine often causes.  Mix a little bit in your pretraining smoothie and notice the difference. (check the recipe below)

Green Superfoods: Green superfoods such as Spirulina and Chlorella are high in antioxidants, which contributes to increase and conserve our muscle mass. Nutritionists advise to take protein before and after exercising, with this and athletes in mind we created the Super Green Protein Iswari. Two spoonsful of this mix and you will be ready to beat your own records.

Guarana: Gives you another natural energizing boost. If you do high intensity exercise, mix one tea spoon of guarana to your smoothie and you will feel an energy burst you never experienced before. Moreover, with Guarana the wellbeing feeling is sustained for much longer as it helps breaking lactic acid accumulated in your muscles following exercise.

Raw Cacao: Raw cacao (please note that we are not talking about chocolate here!) is a strong ally to all athletes as it is one of the foods with the highest concentration of antioxidants, and it also helps to develop more muscle mass.
Finally, it is high in magnesium which is essential for muscle relaxation.

Buddha’s Awakening: if you exercise in the morning and you are already used to wake up with your Iswari breakfast, this Buddha’s Awakening Morning Protein is perfect for you. It contains complex carbs and vegan protein. You can have it in a smoothie or if you have time and prefer solid food, you can mix it with another gluten free carbohydrate such as Iswari Sprouted Oats or quinoa. Porridge type foods such as Buddha’s Awakening are the perfect breakfast to have before leaving the house to workout.

Pre-Workout récipe:

Dairy free yoghurt (unsweetened)


1 Tsp of Matcha

1 Tsp of Camu Camu

Shredded coconut

Sunflower seeds

Post workout:

After exercising it is important to eat fibre and protein to support muscles recovery following the intense effort they have been submitted to.
These are the superfoods that we shall need.

Hemp: its protein content is higher than the one we find in whey or in soy. Furthermore, it is high in iron, phosphorus and magnesium which makes it perfect for muscle recovery. If you are an athlete the recommended dose of Iswari’s Hemp Protein is 40g a day following physical exercise.

Açaí: this fruit originating from Brazil is ideal for post workout recovery. Thanks to its high protein content (it features 16 of the amino acids), and it is rich in carbohydrates, as well as in vitamins and antioxidants. More and more athletes are admitting that they can’t go without their Iswari Açaí Bowls.

Lucuma: is an energy booster and a source of iron and zinc, with low fat content. It is perfect to help our body to go back to normal following exercise.


Post workout récipe:

– 1 tsp of Camu Camu – rich in vitamin C
– 1 tsp of Lucuma – Prebiotic sweet fruit rich in carbohydrates and fibre.
– 1 dairy free yoghurt
– Brazil nuts – rich in proteins and selenium

With this delicious smoothie, we get from the lucuma, the natural sugars our body needs to go back to its normal state. Vitamin C is brought thru Camu Camu while selenium is brought by the Brazil nuts.