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Iswari SuperFood

Recipe: Cacao & Maca Hazelnut Butter

10 Easy
10 10 mins.
5 5 persons


240g blanched skinless hazelnuts

1 vanilla pod

1/4 tsp himalayan pink salt

3 tbsp Iswari Coconut Sugar

1 tbsp Iswari Maca powder

2 tbsp Iswari Cacao nibs


1. Roast the hazelnuts in the oven for 10-15 minutes at 150º

2. When the hazelnuts are done, take them out and put them in a food processor with the Coconut sugar and the himalayan salt and mix

3. Still in the food processor, add the Maca powder and process

4. Add the Cacao nibs and process a little more

5. Store in a container 

By: Christina Leopold

Instagram: @addictedtodates

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