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Recipe: Neapolitan Nice Cream

20 Medium
20 20 mins.
5 5 persons


For the Nana Ice Cream (3 flavours):

6 Frozen Bananas (chop them up before freezing it makes the easier to blend)

50-100 ml almond milk

1 tsp vanilla essence

2 tbs almond butter

2tbs Iswari Raw Cacao Powder

1-2 tbs Lucuma Powder

1 tbs Iswari Açai Powder

Handful of frozen blueberries

Handful of Almond slivers toasted

For the Chia Pudding (one portion- just repeat for each flavour):

3 tbs Iswari chia seeds

3/4 cup almond milk

1 tbs of either Iswari cacao, lucuma or açai powder depending on which flavour you make

1/2 tsp Iswari Coconut Sugar of vanilla essence (Optional)

For the Chocolate Sauce:

1/8 cup of Iswari  Raw Cacao Butter

2-3 heaped tbs of Iswari Raw Cacao Powder

1 tsp Iswari Coconut Sugar

Pinch of Salt.


Get all of your ingredients together, don your apron or just your comfy trackie ends and tee shirt as I did and

put on some of your fave music, I like to move when I do things.

For the Chia Pudding Pots  

1. Make these the night before or at least 6/8 hours before you want to eat them)

2. Take out your three jars, to make a small batch of each chia pudding but 3 tbs of whole chia seeds into each jar,

then put one tbs of Iswari Raw Cacao powder and 1 tsp Iswari Coconut sugar into one jar, 1 tbs Lacuma powder

and a 1/4 tsp vanilla essence into another jar and 1 tbs Iswari açai powder into the last jar.

3. Add 3/4 cup of  almond milk into each jar. Just to note, I always use unsweetened almond milk, if you use the sweetened kind, well, your

puddings will be sweeter and you may not need the coconut sugar.

4. Give each jar a very thorough stir, screw on the lids and then give a vigorous shake. You want to make sure the seeds are well mixed with the liquid, if they don’t you will get a large gloopy mess in the middle of your pudding and you don’t want that.

5. Put the jars in the fridge and leave to set giving a stir after about 3 hours or so.

Ice cream

1. I made one batch of Ice cream at a time, putting each one into the freezer while I made the next one.

2. First up Lacuma Vanilla Ice Icecream!

3. So take two frozen bananas, If using a stick blender put the bananas into a plastic jug, then add a dash of almond milk, 1 heaped tbs of Iswari Lacuma Powder and a tsp of vanilla essence, I use Nielsen Massey brand because its real! None of that fake vanilla stuff in there.

4. The benefit of using a stick blender is that it gives your biceps a good work out too, I suggest alternating arms

for an even work out, so yep blend un till you get a smooth ice cream consistency. You do not want it to be too runny,

keep it quite thick. Have a little taste and add either more Lacuma or vanilla depending on your preference, the lacuma powder

gives a wonderfully creamy and sort of biscuity texture and flavour, it really is great for ice cream!

5. Scoop into a container and put it straight into the freezer. Clean out the jug and get ready to make you next batch. So this is pretty much the same, put your bananas, dash of almond milk into the jug, add 1 tbs Iswari açai powder and a handful of frozen blueberries,

this is just a lovely compliment to the colour and flavour of the açai powder and blend, you may need a little more almond milk

for this one as the frozen blueberries will make the ice cream thicker.

6. Again scoop out of the jug and into a small container and stick it straight into the freezer, nearly there. Save the best till last, this is my fave, the choconut ice cream! So, two frozen bananas, 2tbs Iswari Raw Cacao powder, 2tbs almond butter and a dribble of almond milk, again you may need a little more milk here as the almond butter thickens up the icecream, if your chosen nut butter does not contain salt, add a tiny pinch to the ice cream mix, blend, taste, and put in freezer.

For the Chocolate Sauce

1. I posted this method in a previous post Devilishly Dark Nut Butter Cups but here it is again anyways.  Bring a small pan of water to simmer,

pop the Iswari Raw Cacao Butter into a bowl and place over the simmering water to melt.

2. Use a fine sieve to sift in the Raw Cacao powder and   the Coconut sugar, add salt to taste. Keep tasting the mixture until it is as sweet/salty as you want it.The coconut sugar will not completely dissolve so if your using this as a chocolate sauce you may want to give it a good stir before you pour as the sugar will settle to the bottom.

3. Finally, you are ready to serve!

4. Take the chia puddings out of the fridge and put into little pots, you can put one flavour into each pot or be adventurous and put all three in together! Get the ice cream from the freezer and scoop into little tubs, we used these adorable tubs and spoons from Tiger Stores.

5. The ice cream may be a little melty, I could have left mine in the freezer for a bit longer but I was too excited, sprinkle with toasted almonds, drizzle on some raw cacao sauce and get stuck in! I really can’t say how tasty these were, the three flavours compliment each other wonderfully as the rich creamy texture melts in your mouth, hints of nutty chocolate and smooth biscuity vanilla merge with the slightly zingy fruitiness of the açai and blueberry. Oh so good!

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