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Iswari SuperFood

Recipe: SUPER JAM: Incan Orange Jam

35 Easy
35 35 mins.
5 5 persons


1/3 cup Incan Berries. 

250mls Orange juice (fresh is best but not essential)

4 Tspns Iswari Chia Seeds

2 Tblespns Iswari Coconut Sugar/Agave Syrup

1 ½ Tblspns Bee Pollen


1. Soak the Incan berries in Orange juice overnight, or for 8 hrs.

2. Add the Chia Seeds and allow to soak for 30mins.

3. Transfer to a food processor and add the Coconut Sugar and Pollen

4. Blend until Incans are mostly broken down.

5. Serve straight away or transfer to jar for later use.

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