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Buddha Protein Bar Cocoa and Roasted Almonds (15x47g) | Iswari ©

Buddha Protein Bar Cocoa and Roasted Almonds (15x47g)

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Vegan Cert. organic Bars - gluten free

Buddha's protein bars Iswari are energetic and satiating thanks to the presence of nuts and dates, but they are also considerable sources of protein (which is not the case with Buddha's energy bars). What is the difference? In these bars, the protein content is enhanced by the addition of pea and rice protein, which makes them a particularly convenient post-workout solution, and they provide a greater variety and density of nutrients than a protein shake. Their sugar content, in addition to providing energy, is good for restoring muscle glycogen (sugar reserves) spent during exercise.

They are not only good for that particular moment of activity, but these bars are a good option for any person who wants to increase the protein intake in snacks between meals.

Buddha's protein bars Iswari are available in 2 different combinations of flavours and superfoods, both with 47g. Cocoa and spirulina, present respectively in the two different flavours, are both superfoods with a high content of magnesium, iron and potassium, minerals that contribute to muscle maintenance and recovery.


Dates, nuts (roasted almonds (16%), roasted almond paste (3%) and roasted cashew nut paste), chocolate (10.5%) (cocoa powder, cocoa paste, cocoa butter (2.5%), cocoa content (100%), coconut nectar, pea protein powder (4%), rice protein powder (4%), salt and natural vanilla flavour.


Population in general.


CELIACS - All our products are gluten-free.

VEGANS - All our products come 100% from plants.

Tabela Nutricional - Buddha Protein Bar Cocoa and Roasted Almonds (15x47g)

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