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Buddha's Awakening Morning Protein | Iswari ©

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Buddha's Awakening Morning Protein

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  • High in Potassium High in Potassium
  • High in Manganese High in Manganese
  • High in Fiber High in Fiber
  • High in Iron High in Iron
Vegan Gluten free Cert. organic Raw Instant Lactose free

Are you looking for a nutritious breakfast?

The Buddha’s Awakening Morning Protein is great for preparing a quick, healthy, nutritious and easy-to-digest breakfast. Rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You can use it to prepare a porridge for a winter breakfast, or a fresh smoothie for the summer. But it's also perfect to use as an aditional ingredient in desserts, mousses, pastries and cakes!
Rice Protein: It’s one of the best plant proteins that exists. Great for a vegan breakfast, isn’t toxic to the liver and has a broad spectrum of amino acids. Helps nourish our body tissues such as muscles, skin and hair.
Banana flour: the fruit of love is rich in magnesium and potassium which are essential minerals for practicing sports and to help you through the most difficult days. And it tastes great!
Carob: It’s sweet, nutritious, rich in iron and vitamins


Milled Buckwheat, Rice Protein (19%), Banana powder (14%), Tiger nut flour (11%), Milled Flax Seed and Carob (8%)


The Buddha’s Awakening is a rich and instant breakfast: in a few minutes we can prepare a complete and nutritious meal, easy to digest and ideal for those who are on a diet. A healthy breakfast with the right amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates we need in the morning. Buddha's Awakening Morning Protein is an energy punch to start the day.


  • Raw breakfast: All ingredients are processed at temperatures below 47 ° C to maintain intact their nutritional properties;
  • Satiating: You will arrive at lunch without feeling hungry!
  • Nutritive: It's a perfect balance between proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals;
  • Practical: An instant breakfast that is ready in 1 minute!
  • Versatile: Great for preparing porridges, smoothies, bowls and to add to yogurts, desserts or energy bars;
  • Delicious: A blend of ingredients full of flavor;
  • Easy to digest;
  • Source of protein and minerals;
  • Rich in omega-3 and 6;
  • Rich in antioxidants;
  • Nourishes muscles;
  • Helps fighting against stress and tiredness

    How to use

    Preparing a breakfast with Buddha’s Awakening is very simple: we’ve chosen the best raw ingredients to guarantee your good awakening in just a few minutes.

  • What you need

    • 3 tablespoons Buddha’s Awakening;
    • A large glass or bowl;
    • 100/110 ml (about half a glass) of water, fruit juice or hot or cold vegetable milk;
    • Goji berries, bananas or the fruit you like best

    How to prepare a healthy and nutritious breakfast?

    Put about 3 tablespoons of Buddha’s Awakening in a bowl. Add a small amount of hot or warm water, fruit juice or vegetable milk. Mix it until you obtain a homogeneous consistency, not too liquid nor too dry. Now you can add the rest of the liquid, about half a glass. Stir well and the Buddha’s Awakening porridge is ready! As a topping you can use goji berries, banana or your favorite fruit.

    Tabela Nutricional - Buddha's Awakening Morning Protein

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