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Super Oats Flakes | Iswari ©

Super Oats Flakes - Breakfast

Price: 5,99 €

Amount: 250gr

  • Source of Zinc Source of Zinc
  • High Magnesium High Magnesium
  • High Fiber High Fiber
  • High Iron High Iron
Vegan Gluten free Cert. organic Raw Instant Lactose free

Our Pure, raw, organic & gluten-free oat flakes have been sprouted and dehydrated below

40˚C to preserve their nutrients and enzymes.

These unique flakes are much easier to digest than regular oats due to the sprouting process,

and can be used in a variety of traditional oat recipes, or used to make an instant oat porridge

or fresh oat-milk!


- Contributes to normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin (iron)

- Contributes to normal cognitive function (zinc)

- Contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system (magnesium)

- Contributes to the maintenance of normal bones (manganese)

- Contributes to an increase in faecal bulk (fibre)

Tabela Nutricional - Super Oats Flakes