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Super Vegan Protein | Iswari ©

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Super Vegan Protein

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  • A Complete Spectrum Of Amino Acids A Complete Spectrum Of Amino Acids
  • High in Protein High in Protein
  • High in Phosphorus High in Phosphorus
Vegan Gluten free Cert. organic

Are you looking for a healthy vegan protein supplement? Hemp, Peas and Rice for your muscles!

Are you looking for a vegetable protein powder supplement to enrich your diet or for an energy boost before or after your workout? If you are looking for a healthy, organic, vegan protein, with 160% RV of protein and the lowest level of liver toxicity, Super Vegan Protein is what you need!

Hemp: it is the queen of all plants, the goddess of superfoods. Rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins, it is a concentrate of beneficial properties. It contains all the 8 essential amino acids for protein synthesis, but also antioxidants, calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamin E. It contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids in the perfect ratio: 1: 5.

Rice: who doesn't know it? Rice proteins are extremely easy to digest, can rebalance the intestinal bacterial flora and offer a large intake of potassium and phosphorus.

Peas: pea proteins are gluten free, lactose and cholesterol free. Easily assimilated, they are rich in arginine, lysine and glutamine, very useful amino acids for muscle growth.


Hemp Protein, Pea Protein, Rice Protein.


Super Vegan Protein is a natural and raw mix of vegetable protein powder that you can prepare in a few moments. If you need a healthy protein supplement and want to avoid milk and its derivatives, in addition to allergens such as wheat, gluten, eggs, dairy products and soy, choose our vegan protein mix.

Why choose our Super Vegan Protein? They are a healthy and highly digestible energy bomb. They contain all the amino acids you need for your diet in a proportion similar to meat or eggs. We know how difficult it is to follow a vegan diet by providing the body with all the nutrients it needs. In particular, it is difficult to nourish your body when practicing sports and you want to increase your muscle mass.

Proteins are the building blocks of our body: they are at the same time central elements of our organic structure and fuel for our main functions. What is the function of proteins?

  • They are the structure of all tissues (muscles, but also skin, hair, nails, hair and internal organs)
  • They form hormones
  • They build enzymes 
  • They provide energy
  • They are necessary for the immune system
  • They preserve the genetic code, DNA and RNA
  • They carry various substances in the blood
  • They act as neurotransmitters

But not all proteins are the same: those of animal origin involve the absorption of fats and toxic substances, as well as ethical problems. They burden the liver and, if taken in large quantities, can create serious health problems. Is it complicated to introduce plant-based proteins in a balanced and healthy way? Yes it is! Precisely for this reason we wanted to create a healthy, organic, sustainable, vegan and highly digestible supplement. But above all it is easy to prepare! Super Vegan Proteins are highly assimilable by the body and are ready in minutes.


  • Gluten free
  • 100% Vegan
  • Organic
  • Instant
  • Easy to digest
  • Easy to prepare
  • Delicate taste 
  • High absorption vegetable proteins
  • Immediate energy
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Excellent for those who are intolerant to soy, eggs and dairy products
  • Without sugar
  • Rich in vitamin E
  • High in potassium 
  • High in magnesium, iron, phosphorus and calcium

How to use them:

With our Super Vegan Protein you can create many recipes, they are good to drink before or after sports or for a nutritious meal. Just add a couple of tablespoons of Super Vegan Protein in the preparation of your meals: they melt and mix easily and instantly. These proteins have a delicate taste, which can be combined well with many foods. For this reason you can also add your protein bomb to soups, doughs, cooked vegetables, cakes and puddings.

What you need:

10-30g of Super Vegan Protein per day;

A glass;

200/300 ml of water, vegetable milk or fresh fruit juice

How to prepare a high-protein drink? Just add about 2 tablespoons of Super Vegan Protein in a cup or a bowl. Slowly pour vegetable milk, such as rice or coconut. Mix well and add a pinch of cinnamon for a spicy taste.

Discover all our vegetable proteins: easy to digest and non-toxic for the liver!

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Review author

Nice complement for a vegan diet lifestyle. Im terms of taste this one is a bit stronger but still very tasteful. It does not dilute completely so you still feel some powder-like particles if you use it for a liquid such as a shake or tea. If you use it for breakfast or a consistent recipe it will great perfectly! This is also a great addition for topping of a dessert.

Review author

Love this vegan protein!!

Review author

Good protein. test good.highly recommended.

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