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Super Vegan Fitness Proteins

Super Vegan Protein

Chocolate & Lion’s Mane with Digezime

Maximise your post-workout results with the new Super Vegan Protein Chocolate & Lion's Mane. With no added sugar, the inclusion of digestive enzymes and Lion's Mane mushroom to support your immune and digestive systems.

22g protein per serving  |  BCAA per 100g: 8,7g  | 
10 servings

12.94€ 18,49 €

Super Vegan Protein Chocolate & Lion's Mane provides 22g of plant-based protein per serving, with the inclusion of Digezyme® digestive enzymes, which improve metabolic health, particularly gut health, and help reduce muscle soreness and weakness after eccentric exercise. It contains no added sugar (contains only natural sugars) and is 100% vegan.

Lion's Mane mushrooms offer a distinctive and special dimension to these Super Vegan Proteins. Consumed for thousands of years in China and Japan and used extensively in Traditional Chinese Medicine, they are extremely relevant to optimising physical performance, particularly for their high antioxidant activity - which reduces inflammation and recovery time after physical activity - and their potential to reduce fatigue.

To improve your metabolic health, particularly your intestinal health, we have added Digezyme®, a complete multi-enzyme (consisting of five digestive enzymes, of plant origin), which helps to reduce pain and muscle weakness after eccentric exercise.




Muscle mass growth

It has a high protein content and is therefore a precious aid in post-workout recovery.

Reduction of tiredness and fatigue

High iron content promotes recovery while helping to relieve fatigue.

Electrolyte balance

High magnesium content contributes to electrolyte balance and normal protein synthesis.

Maintenance of normal bones

The high content of phosphorus, essential for bone health, contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.


The story behind the ingredients we chose

Pea Protein

Pea protein is especially suitable for muscle growth as it contains a high BCAA content. BCAA are three branched-chain amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine, which our body does not produce and that we can only acquire through food or supplementation.

Camu Camu

A small berry known for its extremely high amount of vitamin C, which helps maintain normal immune system function during and after exercise.


Lucuma is a super-fruit with a unique vanilla flavor. It is a source of iron and zinc, with low fat content, being an energizer. Thanks to the slowly burning carbohydrates that are part of its composition, lucuma provides lasting energy.

Pumpkin seed protein

Naturally derived from pumpkin seeds - one of the foods with the highest protein content and boasting an extremely rich mineral profile, particularly for its magnesium, iron and zinc content - this protein powder encapsulates all its nutritional benefits, provides 60% protein content and also tastes surprisingly good. Its palatability derives mainly from its high unsaturated fat content, thanks to which it acquires a flavour profile reminiscent of roasted nuts (the perfect complement to the chocolate flavour of this blend). 

Cocoa powder (8%)

Not only do our Super Vegan Proteins have the intense flavour and unmistakable aroma of this fruit, but it also contributes to its nutritional power. Cocoa is particularly rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron and copper (a mineral that helps protect cells against unwanted oxidation) and contains polyphenols (compounds that act as antioxidants in the body) - mainly capable of reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure and regulating lipid metabolism, all mechanisms that correlate cocoa consumption with a lower risk of cardiovascular.

Date powder

The inclusion of this dried fruit powder increases the potassium content of the mixes (which helps, in particular, to maintain normal blood pressure) and avoids the need to add coconut sugar or other sweeteners.

Lion's Mane mushroom powder (2,25%)

This mushroom, rich in functional properties, contains beta-glucans - polysaccharides that stimulate the immune system and, together with other components (proteins and specific fatty acids), support digestive function. So-called 'lion's mane mushrooms' have been consumed for thousands of years in China and Japan and are widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for their wide range of benefits, including optimising physical performance.

Hemp protein 60%

This is a plant protein powder with a complete amino acid profile which, unlike other protein isolates, maintains an extremely dense nutritional content: it is rich in magnesium, phosphorus and potassium and is also an excellent source of omega-3. Hemp protein 60% (60g protein/100g) has a particularly high protein content and a milder taste than conventional hemp protein, making it the best choice to incorporate into this formula.

Nutritional Table

Tabela Nutricional - Super Vegan Protein

Frequently Asked

All your questions about Super Vegan Protein.

  • I's probably the most important nutrient after a workout.  When training, the muscles are attacked and need to be repaired and rebuilt to become stronger. Delayed muscle pain is caused by microtrauma that initially causes an inflammatory condition. After repairing the damage suffered, the muscles adapt to the stimulus of exercise and eventually become more resistant. Therefore, consuming protein can supply the amino acids that provide the nutrients to repair this damage to your muscles, stimulating recovery and growth.

  • Add 3 tablespoons (approx. 35g) of Super Vegan Protein to a shaker and fill with 300ml of water or plant-based drink. Shake and drink after training. You can also add it to smoothies, porridge or pancakes.

  • At Iswari, we are used to choosing the best ingredients to meet your body's needs. Because we wanted a protein that would maximise post-workout results by contributing to muscle mass growth and supporting faster recovery, we chose pea protein, which is particularly good for muscle growth as it contains a high content of BCCA, and hemp protein as it is one of the plant proteins in powder with the widest spectrum of amino acids and nutrients.

    In addition, we have added ingredients that help make a difference, such as Digezyme multi-enzyme complex and Lion's Mane mushrooms.


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