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Terms & Conditions "Get 10,00 €" | Iswari ©

What it is?

"Get 10,00 €" is a program that aims to bring together members of the Iswari family by challenging them to strengthen their bonds by sharing offers and helping them make the most of the experience of being part of the Iswari community.

How to use

There are two ways to participate:

New customer - By receiving the link from a friend, you get a 25%* discount on your first purchase, plus you can earn 10,00 € in credit for each new friend you invite to the Iswari family. How?

Go to the link you received, add to the cart all the products you want to buy, complete the purchase and enjoy the direct 25%* discount! Attention: if you buy more than 30,00 € you can thank your friend by making him earn £8,60 in credit.

It does not end here...

Once you join our family, you can earn 10,00 € in credit to get discounts in your purchases! Share your link and offer a 25%* discount directly to your friends. For each of them you will earn 10,00 € in credit that you can use in our online store.

Regular customer - you can share your link and earn £8,60 in credit for every friend who joins the Iswari family. How?

Click on "Get 10,00 €" in the user menu, copy your link and send it to your friends, or share directly through an app: just click on the app button you want.

When your friends take advantage of the 25%* discount on a purchase over £25,80, you will immediately receive 10,00 €!


I shared my link with someone, I know that that person has already made a purchase with my link but I haven't received anything yet.Why?

To receive 10,00 €, your friend's purchase must exceed 30,00 €, if the amount is lower you will not receive any credit.

I want to use the amount I've accumulated but I can't.Why?

For billing reasons, in order to use the amount already accumulated, your purchase must be over 10,00 €.

That is, the subtotal value of your order in the cart must be over 10,00 €.

If your total is less than 40,00 € the shipping costs are added to the minimum value that your order must be. That said, every value thats the diference you can discount!

*The 25% discount offered in this program is not valid on opportunities products, kits and accessories.

The credit you earn with your friends cannot be combined with coupons and cannot be used for opportunity products or accessories.

The "Get 10,00 €" programme is technically controlled, and any attempt to use the programme that does not correspond to the rules of the programme itself will be identified and not accepted. In these cases, the 10€ credit will not be granted or a direct 25% discount will not be applied, depending on the situation.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at [email protected]