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The Beauty-Enhancing Properties of Oats – According to Science

Oats benefits


Believe it or not, common oats have been used in cosmetics for decades because of their beauty enhancing properties. Now even science supports the fact that consuming oats can help you lose weight and have a healthy and radiant skin.


Wild oats were consumed by the populations of Central Asia and Northern Europe already more than 4,000 years ago, and traces of their consumption have been found since the Stone Age, 32,000 years ago! But for centuries, oats have been considered a poor cereal, because they can be hard to be process and as such used primarily for animal consumption.


Its glory came in the late 1800s, when it began to become the basis for one of the most widespread breakfasts in the world: porridge! In recent years, oats have won a place of honour among cereals thanks to its fantastic health benefits. Rich in vitamins and minerals, oats are an excellent source of fibre.


Famous for its fibre, and in particular for beta-glucan, a soluble fibre able to reduce cholesterol and glycemia, oats is a real panacea also for beauty and physical fitness!


Oats help you lose weight


Oat porridge is a delicious breakfast: warm, creamy and with an inimitable taste. But it is also one of the most satiating, healthy breakfasts, according to an American study. Starting the day with a breakfast that is able to satiate you till lunch helps you consume less calories during the day and avoid unhealthy snacks.


Oat beta-glucan increases the sense of satiety and helps prevent weight gain, protecting us from obesity. Oats also help you lose weight by limiting fat storage and improving fat metabolism.


Oats are good for your skin and make you beautiful


In 2003, the American FDA approved colloidal oats as an effective skin protection agent. Only finely ground oats can have these beneficial properties for the skin.


Oats can reduce inflammation of the skin, treat atopic dermatitis and improve the symptoms of eczema. They also, contain numerous compounds with moisturizing, cleansing, anti-inflammatory, anti-itching and anti-oxidant properties and is a precious ally for the beauty of our skin, hair and nails!


Oats: how to use them


Porridge is the best way to consume oats. Oats are protected by a hard film, which is difficult to digest. That’s why the oats are ground, rolled and/or steamed. In this way, oats are made more digestible and assimilable. But to fully enjoy the properties of oats, they should be activated.


Activated oats are soaked in water to allow them to begin the sprouting process. This increases their health benefits and washes them clean of enzyme inhibitors that limit the absorption of their minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, such as saponins. Iswari Raw Sprouted Oats Flakes are made from activated oats, ground to make it easy to prepare. Porridge made from classic oats takes at least ten minutes to prepare, and you need to cook the oats, whereas our Sprouted Oats are ready in just one minute, with the addition of a hot or warm, but also cold milk or milk alternative!


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