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Truths And Myths About Gluten Free Food

Truths And Myths About Gluten Free Food

There are more and more people that decide to follow a gluten free diet. Some because they have been diagnosed with Coeliac’s Disease, others because they are intolerant to it, and there are also the ones that prefer to reduce its consumption due to the benefits that a diet with small quantities (or none) of wheat and its derivatives brings to our health. Less inflammation, less irritated digestive system, a better nutrient absorption and less bloating.

Let’s start by the beginning: What is gluten?

It is a combination of two proteins found in wheat, barley and rye, called gliadin and glutenin. When they mix they give a specific texture to foods such as bread. Coeliac’s have an autoimmune disease of which treatment involves a diet a 100% free from gluten.

Gluten Free seems to be “en vogue”. In the last years a lot has been said and written on this subject. However, there are still a lot of myths and false ideas within our society about the effects of gluten on health:

“being coeliac and gluten intolerant are the same”


Despite symptoms being similar, the cause and the consequences of being coeliac’s or intolerant to gluten are very different. Someone with coeliac’s disease has a permanent intolerance and that means that any contact with this protein will trigger an immune response provoking inflammation within the system. Whilst Gluten intolerance is a gastrointestinal reaction which does not trigger an autoimmune response.

Coeliac UK ( states that a coeliac’s person will have to change its alimentation for the rest of its life: “treated by following a gluten free diet for life”. The diet must be strict, healthy and balanced, without eliminating totally the staple foods that normally contain gluten but instead substitute them with the same foods made with ingredients that do not contain gluten.

“All Grains contain gluten”


Eating gluten free does not mean you can’t eat any types of grains. Gluten free diets can include corn, quinoa, rice, buckwheat and some types of oats.

“Oats never contain gluten”


Not all the brands that sell oats guaranty that they are gluten free. Many are cross contaminated during processing, and that is why it is important to always certify that the oats we buy are “gluten free”. It is the case of our Iswari Sprouted Oats, with the “Gluten Free” certification from the APC (The Portuguese Association for Coeliac’s).

“Eliminating bread is the same as eliminating gluten”


It is quite common to associate bread and pasta to gluten. But the reality is that gluten is in many more foods such as soy sauce, pickles, blue cheese and some supplements. We should also bear in mind that the foods labelled as “wheat free” are not necessarily gluten free as they can contain rye or barley.

“There are more and more coeliac’s and gluten intolerants”


The proportion of gluten in the wheat we eat has been increasing a lot along the years. The increase of intolerants and coeliac’s people has many causes (genetic, immunologic, environmental, etc) and one of them is, without a doubt, the current over exposition to gluten. Many children are born already gluten intolerant.

“If I stop eating gluten I will lose weight”


Removing gluten from your diet might mean a loss of weight (and volume) yet a gluten free diet should not be seen as a miracle diet.

“Every gluten free product is healthy”


Many brands for coeliac’s on the market are full of additives and that are bad for your health. Gluten free does not mean healthy. It is important to always look at the labels and make sure that the food we buy does not contain too many additives. Iswari products are all certified by the Portuguese Coeliac’s Association (APC) and they are all suitable to coeliac’s. Moreover, all our products are organic, and our mix do not contain extra refined sugars. Therefore, coeliac’s trust our brand more and more. Buddha’s awakening is a perfect instant mixture for a fast and easy breakfast, nutritious and “gluten Free” at the same time. Your child is gluten intolerant and you can’t find any good alternatives? it was with children in mind that we created our range Little Buddha. Pick one of our 3 flavours and prepare smoothies, bowls, or even pancakes with our mixture a 100% gluten free!