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What to eat after a detox diet

What to eat after a detox diet

A detox diet is a great way to get back in shape and experience optimal health. For many people it can also help to end symptoms such as slow digestion, fatigue and skin problems. But what should we eat after our detox program?

Let's make one thing clear: a detox diet must be a temporary diet and must not last all year round. It would be advisable to have a detox diet a couple of times a year, at most for two weeks.

During this period, without suffering and without starving ourselves, we must try to eliminate all the bad eating habits that we have accumulated over time. 

Drinking not enough water, eating refined sugar, sweets and unhealthy treats, an excess of alcohol, salt, coffee and much more, can all put excessive stress on our bodies. If we add to this the general pollution in which we live and all the dangerous substances such as pesticides, heavy metals and antibiotics that we consume without even realising in our food, we can understand just how necessary a detox diet is once in a while.

We have already written in several articles about the benefits of a detox diet, when is the best to time start, the possibility of losing weight with a detox, and how to do it in the healthiest way. We have also published a complete detox plan and a detox challenge. On our blog you can find out everything about the detox diet, but what should eat afterwards?

The diet after detox

As soon as the detox is over we can't throw ourselves headlong into the habits we had before, otherwise we would cancel out the power of this detoxification. Here are some good tips for knowing what to eat after the detox diet:

  • Continue to drink a lot of water as before.
  • If you have taken Spirulina, Chlorella, Wheat Grass, Barley Grass or Moringa during the detox diet, gently reduce your doses day after day until you stop for a while.
  • You can replace these detox superfoods with one cup of Matcha tea a day. It's a Japanese green tea that's rich in antioxidants and you can drink it all year round.
  • Do not start with coffee again, but replace it with Macaccino. These mixes of Maca and Cocoa or Carob help to energise and satisfy us, and they don't reintroduce caffeine into your body. If you can't do without coffee, gradually reintroduce it, but never drink it first thing in the morning.
  • At breakfast you can continue all year round with Super Oats, Buddha’s Awakening and Little Buddha. There are lots of flavours to choose from and you can even indulge in original recipes like pancakes, brownies and cookies made from these mixes!
  • If you've chosen a vegan diet, be sure to introduce enough protein and omega-3 into your diet. You can choose from all of our plant based proteins, but you can also try hemp seeds and Chia seeds.
  • If you want to reintroduce animal proteins, do so gradually, observing the changes in your body from time to time. If you don't digest these well, feel tired or suffer from low mood, try legumes and supplement your proteins with our plant-based protein powders.