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Iswari SuperFood

Recipe: Omega Energy Bar

30 Hard
30 30 mins.
5 5 persons



2 cups dry figs - soaked for 20-30 minutes

1.5 cups Almonds

3 cups coconut chips or desiccated coconut

3 tabelspoons Iswari Chia Seeds

1/2 cup Iswari Shelled Hemp Seeds

2 tablespoon Iswari Lucuma Powder ( optional )

1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon  

Pinch of salt

Chocolate Topping:

100g Iswari Raw Cacao Butter

50g Iswari Raw Cacao Powder

35g Lucuma Powder

35g Iswari Coconut Sugar

2 teaspoons Orange Extract (optional)


For the Base:

1. Grind Coconut in processor, add almonds and break down until almost floury.

2. Transfer to bowl and add Hemp Seeds, Chia, Lucuma, Cinnamon, Salt.

3. Process soaked figs in food processor until sticky paste is formed.

4. Remove from processor, add to the dry ingerdients and knead in with your hands until well incorporated.   

5. Line a rectangle tray with plastic wrap (if desired) and press mixture into tray. Refrigerate while you do the chocolate topping.

Topping Method:  

1. Melt Cacao butter in bowl over steam.

2. Add powder ingredients, extract and whisk well.  

3. Pour over topping and refrigerate for several hours.

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