White Mulberries

Deliciously sweet and healthy, dried white mulberries are one of the prized jewels of the fruit

kingdom. They have been consumed traditionally in China for thousands of years, and made their

way to Turkey along the silk road. Nowadays, we embrace the mulberry for itts deliciously sweet

taste and natural goodness.

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Package: 125gr £ 3.99

Declaração Nutricional - Valor Médio por 100g de produto
Energia (Kj/Kcal) 1495/352
Lípidos (g) 0.9
dos quais Saturados (g) 0.4
dos quais insaturados(g) 0.5
dos quais mono-insaturados (g) 0.1
Hidratos de Carbono (g) 81.5
dos quais açúcares (g) 81.5
Fibra (g) 2.5
Proteínas (g) 3.3
Sal (g) 0.03