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Recipe: Notella Brownies

30 Easy
30 30 mins.
5 5 persons


8 medjool dates (pitted)

1 cup Iswari Cacao Hazelnut Instant Oats

1 tbsp Iswari Cacao Powder

1tsp vanilla bean paste

4 tbsp Cacao & Maca hazelnut butter

60g dark chocolate

Handfull of hazelnuts


Melted chocolate



1. Put the pitted dates in a food processor and mix until it becomes a paste

2. Add the oats, the cacao, vanilla and the cacao & maca hazelnut butter and mix

3. Add to the processor the chopped dark chocolate and hazelnuts and mix some more

4. Transfer the misture into a container with baking paper and press the mixture down until its solid and compact (brownie like)

5. Place in the fridge to st for 30 minutes to an hour

6. Take the brownies out witht the paper, take out the paper and then cut the brownies into squares

7. Drizzle the brownies with melter chocolate and guarnish with strawberries. Drizzle some more chocolate and its ready!

By: Christina Leopold

Instagram: @addictedtodates

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