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Buddha Energy Bar Beetroot, Quinoa and Blueberry (15x35g) | Iswari ©

Buddha Energy Bar Beetroot, Quinoa and Blueberry (15x35g)

Price: 26,84 €

Vegan Cert. organic Bars - gluten free

Buddha’s energy bars Iswari are rich in nutrients and calories, so they are perfect for giving you an energy boost before exercise or even to calm your hunger between meals by nourishing your body with plant-based foods.

They are practical and convenient options for a snack, especially for those who want to ensure/enhance their regular consumption of nuts and seeds - a group of foods rich in minerals and antioxidants that, thanks to the presence of unsaturated fats, contribute to the health of the cardiovascular system, replacing the saturated fats (particularly present in products of animal origin.



Date, almonds, quinoa (6%), sunflower seeds, buckwheat, agave syrup, beetroot powder (3%), extra virgin olive oil and natural blueberry flavoring (0.05%).

HIGH CONTENT OF UNSATURATED FATS - Thanks to the high percentage of dried fruit in these bars (hazelnuts and almonds in particular).

SATIATING AND ENERGETIC - They combine a perfect balance between date sugar and the fibres present in walnuts, seeds and buckwheat, for a constant release of energy over time, after eating a bar.


Population in general.


CELIACS - All our products are gluten-free.

VEGANS - All our products come 100% from plants.

Tabela Nutricional - Buddha Energy Bar Beetroot, Quinoa and Blueberry (15x35g)

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