Cacao Powder 100% Organic

Iswari Peruvian Criollo Cacao Powder is rich in
protein, minerals, and delicious to boot!

Enjoy our
Fairtrade, organic cacao powder, and feel the
effects of this wonderful gift from Mother Nature,

whilst helping to support farmers and the

Nutrition_Sheet High Iron
Nutrition_Sheet High Magnesium
Nutrition_Sheet High Potassium
Nutrition_Sheet High Proteins

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Package: 125gr £ 3.93
Package: 250gr £ 10.13
Package: 1000gr £ 21.18

Declaração Nutricional - Valor Médio por 100g de produto
Energia (Kj/Kcal) 1706/405
Lípidos (g) 11.6
dos quais Saturados (g) 6.7
Hidratos de Carbono (g) 45.6
Fibra (g) 4.2
Proteínas (g) 27.6
Sal (g) < 0.1
Cobre (mg) 3.9 **390%
Ferro (mg) 10.3 **73,6%
Potássio (mg) 1660 **83%
Magnésio (mg) 545 **145%
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