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High Blood Pressure And Blood Circulation

Blood pressure: what is it?

Pressure is more correctly defined as arterial pressure or blood pressure, and is the measure of the force with which blood flows in our body. Like any liquid, even the blood in our veins flows at a certain pressure. Blood circulation is essential to be able to transport to all the cells of our body the nourishment necessary for their livelihood.

This task is carried out by our cardiovascular system or circulatory system, formed by the heart, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels. Problems of hypertension or low blood pressure, but also circulatory problems can give rise to different medical conditions. Cold feet, cold hands, swollen feet, tingling, headache, dizziness and tension can all depend on a blood circulation problem or pressure.

Blood pressure: how to measure. High or low pressure?

The maximum pressure is measured when the heart beats, while the minimum pressure can be measured between beats. The pressure is measured taking into account both the minimum and maximum values. The maximum pressure, or systolic pressure is considered high above 140mmHg, while the minimum, or diastolic, pressure is considered high when it exceeds 90mmHg.

High blood pressure, as well as poor circulation, increases the risk of developing several serious health problems. But even low blood pressure can be a daily problem, although it is less severe than hypertension. Keeping arteries healthy and elastic is particularly important for our health.

Hypertension, poor circulation and hypotension: symptoms

What are the symptoms of hypertension or high blood pressure? It is almost always an asymptomatic condition, which shows no obvious symptoms over a long period of time. Its health consequences, however, mean that cardiovascular diseases or other clinical conditions develop years later. Hypertension, however, can cause immediate symptoms such as nervousness, reddening of the skin, irritability and breathlessness.

The symptoms of hypotension, on the other hand, present themselves as tiredness, dizziness, drowsiness and vision problems and are often related to male impotence. Poor circulation, often associated with high blood pressure and cholesterol and included in the metabolic syndrome, can cause cramps, varicose veins, swollen legs, but can lead to gangrene. However, one of the most widespread and bothersome symptoms are hemorrhoids, a direct consequence of a bad microcirculation.

What are the causes of high blood pressure and low blood pressure?

The main causes of hypertension are:


Genetic factors

Alcohol abuse

Drug abuse

Use of medicines

Overweight / obesity


Sedentary lifestyle



Incorrect nutrition

The causes of low blood pressure are:



Anemia (iron deficiency)

Abuse of drugs or alcohol

Gastric problems

The causes of poor circulation are:

Alcohol abuse

Excessive consumption of caffeine




Nutritional deficiencies

Bad circulation, low pressure or high blood pressure: remedies

What to do in case of hypertension? The best advices, valid even in case of hypotension and poor circulation, are:

Always consult a doctor or health professional

Exercise and movement: even just 30 minutes of walking a day can solve pressure and circulation problems

Eliminate Alcohol, smoking and other substances such as sugar and caffeine

Reduce stress: meditation, yoga and breathing and relaxation exercises help in any case

Nutrition: poor eating habits are often the base of many cardiovascular problems

Pressure and circulation: nutrition and deficiencies

Healthy eating and constant physical activity often address circulation problems altogether, but can also cure hypertension and hypotension. What are the most common deficiencies in these cases?

Vitamin C: activates circulation and strengthens the immune system

Vitamin E: super antioxidant, promotes circulation and regulates the oxygenation of tissues

Lycopene: antioxidant that prevents cardiovascular disease

Omega-3: they are anti-inflammatories that regulate the pressure and clean the arteries

Vitamin D: involved in pressure regulation and mood disorders

Iron: regulates the transport of oxygen into the blood

Coenzyme Q10: regulates pressure and fatigue

Food deficiencies are not the only responsible for circulation problems and high blood pressure or hypotension. A diet rich in saturated fats, fries, sugars, refined products and additives, and in which the caloric intake is unbalanced, immediately leads to a circulatory problem, which can result in hypertension or other similar conditions. Clogged arteries can increase cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which in turn cause high blood pressure and poor circulation.

What to eat: the best superfood for blood pressure and circulation

A balanced diet involves the intake of whole grains and complex carbohydrates, unsaturated fats and low-toxic proteins, such as vegetable, but also many fibres and proper hydration. In this way it is possible to prevent and treat high blood pressure, but also low blood pressure and stagnant circulation. Here are the best superfoods for arterial pressure:

Spirulina and Chlorella: they are the famous green detox algae, rich in antioxidants useful for circulation, such as chlorophyll, but also of iron and non-toxic vegetable proteins.

Acai: rich in antioxidants, Acai berries stimulate circulation and are excellent for preventing and treating hemorrhoids and swollen feet.

Omega-3 mix: these essential fatty acids clean up the arteries and our mix contains the best plant sources ever: chia seeds and linseed.

Camu Camu: a bomb rich in vitamin C, stimulates the circulation and strengthens the immune system. Its acidulous and sparkling taste will conquer you!

Wheat grass: detoxifying, but also nutritious, wheat sprouts are gluten-free and offer a large supply of lycopene, useful for circulation.

Buddha’s Awakening: Our range of instant breakfasts is balanced and nutritious. Excellent for losing weight, because it satiates properly until lunch, is rich in Omega-3, fibre, vitamins and minerals!

Toppings: dried fruit to be eaten directly from the bag or excellent for seasoning breakfasts and desserts, our Incan Trail Mix, Love Mix and Wisdom Seeds are rich in Omega-3 and phytonutrients!