Hemp Protein Powder 100% Organic

Iswari rice protein contains 75% highly bioavailable
protein. It is perfect for those who suffer
from allergies to whey or soya, and it is much
kinder to the environment too. Its neutral flavour
and smooth texture makes it ideal to use in
smoothies, soups or juices.

Nutrition_Sheet High Phosphor
Nutrition_Sheet High Magnesium
Nutrition_Sheet High Potassium
Nutrition_Sheet High Proteins
Nutrition_Sheet High Thiamine

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Package: 250gr £ 7.30
Package: 1000gr £ 27.78

Declaração Nutricional - Valor Médio por 100g de produto
Energia (Kj/Kcal) 1504/360
Lípidos (g) 11
dos quais Saturados (g) 1.2
- ácidos gordos poli-insaturados (g) 8
Hidratos de Carbono (g) 8
dos quais açúcares (g) 5.8
Fibra (g) 23
Proteínas (g) 46
Sal (g) 0
Cálcio (mg) 140
Vitamina B1 (mg) 1.02
Vitamina B2 (mg) 3.66
Fósforo (mg) 1605
Potássio (mg) 1420
Ferro (mg) 15.8
Magnésio (mg) 724
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